Hello, I’m Robin Worgull, a wife and mother to four residing in  Colorado. I have been pursuing my passion for conquering God’s plans for my life. I am the author of “The Conflict Within” as well as “The Right-Minded Woman”.  I blog on this website at least twice a week, but more if time permits. My prayers and hopes are that my words of encouragement, Biblical solutions to daily problems, and bringing awareness to the dark spiritual battles we each encounter, will be a comfort and support to my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am known to practice what I teach and am also known as a simple woman with a huge heart for the Lord’s work. My goal is to be in God’s will at all times and to give understanding to those who hold little, but carry deep emotional pain.

Please follow me on this page and sign up by email to have my posts delivered to your inbox weekly. You can find me on Facebook under Robin Worgull. I’d love a friend request from you. You can also find me on Twitter under robin_worgull. If you would like to contact me you can reach me at any of these sites or email me at robinworgullblogs@gmail.com.



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  1. Happy New year my beautiful sister in Christ. Your words are encouragement and comfort on days I’m not even aware I need either. Thank you for your willingness to open your heart to God ‘s words and sharing them with us. My prayers are with you always. I love and miss you more than you’ll ever kniw. Keep writing!💜👭💜

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