Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled Series#1

I get it. We are all watching the departure of God’s standards in a Nation founded on God’s principles. Many people are eating off the bread of lawlessness, hatefulness, offensiveness, rebellion, self righteousness and apostasy. Their appetite is only increasing in these areas rather than feeling satisfied. They feast on wickedness, envy, murder, debate, deceit and maliciousness. They are widely known as back biters, proud, boasters, haters of God, evil doers, covenant breakers, unmerciful, and all the while are disobedient to parents, and lack natural affection. The sad part is they take pleasure in what they are doing.

We are witnessing such lawlessness that most of us never thought we would see in our lifetime but have heard about for most of our lives.

Welcome to the last days! We are watching prophecy unfold right before our eyes. Everything we see on the news or media outlets are us witnessing people playing right into the hand the devil himself dealt. He has not only deceived our government  but the hearts of people who once believed in a higher power than themselves. Now lawlessness is accepted by the very people who put law into place. Evil is seen as good and good is seen as evil. We have so much wrong going on but being seen as right. People are revolting and making stands by removing history and trying to rewrite a new chapter.  A new chapter that is full of lies to cover any truths we may have left. We have innocent people being  killed on the streets, businesses being destroyed but not until all products are stolen first. Rebellion against those in authority positions, babies being murdered daily. We are guilty as a Nation of slaughtering our own children on the very soil that was founded on God. We as a Nation have placed a higher value on Satanic ideology than on our own creator.

No wonder so many people are walking around in disbelief, reaching for anxiety or depression medicine and bottles of alcohol to help calm them down.  Yet, that’s not even enough to slow down the suicides happening at alarming rates due to people not able to cope with the stress of the times we live in or the fact they can’t go back to work and provide for their families. They are losing everything they worked hard for. We have been placed on lock down, told to keep distance, not allowed to enter church which by the way, most people get comfort, encouragement and help during hardships from. Our freedoms are being removed one by one and all the while evil is being recognized as good.

Now is the time believers should be the most excited! This is the time we should be reaching out to the hopeless. God didn’t leave us without answers. We are the ones who hold the answers to all the issues unfolding right before us. God gave us the key to understanding so we could understand the Bible. Not everyone has that understanding as it wasn’t meant for the unbelievers. We were left signs to look for and instructions to follow.  The Bible made it abundantly clear that when Israel becomes a Nation that this generation would not pass until all these things be fulfilled. What things you ask?  ( Grab your Bible and look up these scriptures… Mathew 24:12,  Mathew 24:6-8, Mathew  24:34,  Isaiah 5:20, Romans 1:24-27, 2 Timothy 3:1-7, 2 Thessalonians 2:3, Luke 21:31)  By the way after you read the things in these scriptures you also should know Israel became a Nation May 14, 1948.  All of what is taking place in the world around us is not a surprise to some people, as some of us have been watching for the signs to unfold and now that they are, we are so excited.  God left us a reminder that His word would not return to Him void but would accomplish His will. This scripture can be read in Isaiah 55:11.

We have nothing to fear with what is unfolding before us. God protects His own and left His Word as not only instructions but comfort during the times we would encounter. Now on the flip side if you don’t know the Lord as your personal savior, I encourage you to do so, as your window of opportunity is quickly closing. Romans 10:9  is your scripture you need to know in order to call upon the Lord and be saved from the judgement that is coming on this world. For the rest of us who already know the Lord as our personal savior, then let not your hearts be troubled…


Robin Worgull

One thought on “Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled Series#1

  1. Great read my sweet sister friend! Keep writing and sharing, many needs out there today! I miss you so much and my kids too. Hugs and my love to all of you.🌷💖🌷

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