Don’t Resist What You Don’t Understand:

Some people are going through a difficult time, questioning what the next step is. My encouragement is begin praising the Lord out loud as this confuses the enemy and the strategies he plans to use against you. It also gives breathing room during the wait for direction needed.

There will be times the Lord will allow our lives to be rearranged. Everything will look out of order and wrong through our eyes; but that  is the time the Lord is actually putting our lives in the correct order. Sometimes when we see things that appear wrong we tend to panic within. We pray that the Lord’s will is done but as He begins working in our lives we resist what He is trying to do because it is different than what we anticipated He would do for us. We begin to scramble as quickly as we can to put things back in the order they were so we can return to normal. (Keep in mind, sometimes we learn to function best in toxic environments  because we spent so much time there and grew comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. ) For us to return things back to normal, may not have been the best God had for us to be in.

The Lord doesn’t want our lives to always go in  one direction, as there is no growth in that.  Sometimes He will allow us to feel pain in order to remind us we need him. Other times he may allow us to face hardships, so he can continue giving us strength training. He may allow us to be all alone for a certain time in order too break down our hardened hearts. The Lord wants us to continually grow in him and mirror him. His reflection should be seen in us, which is why He allows us to go through growing pains. Growing pains hurt and last a while regardless how young or old we are.

My encouragement to you is don’t resist what you don’t understand during your growth season. Don’t fight it as it will only last that much longer. The Lord is needing you stronger in a certain area for the job he is leading you too. You were the one chosen to do His work. You haven’t met the person you are intended to meet yet, or accepted the position that hasn’t been offered yet. This is simply your season of strength training. Remember, it is the devil trying to persuade you that your life is falling apart instead of in place.


Robin Worgull

2 thoughts on “Don’t Resist What You Don’t Understand:

  1. I’ve never been one who liked change… ever. In the first grade they split the class and made am and pm classes. This meant I could no longer walk to school with my best friend Debbie. After a couple of days I got sick and it reaccured numerous times for the next month. Fever, stomach cramps and vomiting. My mom took me to the doctor, he said it was just a virus, but I continued to be sick. By the 3rd doctors appointment the doctor asked my mom if there had been any significant changes at home. She mentioned the schedule change at school, then he asked me how I felt about the change. I cried and told him I missed my friends. He concluded it was just a nervous stomach and she doesn’t like change, his prescription “give it time.” My life has been full of Change; some good and some not so good. The times when I went thru troubles without Jesus in my life were empty lessons and experiences. When I accepted Jesus as my savior and I had Him to help me through ; I learned how to see the love and grace of God in each experience and I grew as a person. I still don’t like change but I look forward to seeing what God has for me next. Thank you Robin…I needed this!❤

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