Day: February 25, 2019

How to be the right-minded woman: series #1

To be the right-minded woman who doesn’t allow herself to be overtaken by the demands around her, must quit listening to the opinions of others.

Ladies, we will always have opinions shared about how we should be living or conducting ourselves in our home, but not all opinions are accurate.  Look at the source of where those opinions are coming from. If they are coming from friends in unhappy marriages or from a divorced and bitter woman, then those opinions may not be from a source you should be taking seriously.  It is easier for people to look in from the outside and share what they see as the core issue than it is to be the receiver of what they see. It may be that they see something in you, that they themselves struggled with, but never conquered.

When we listen to the opinions of others and receive them as truths of who or how we are, then we begin trying to live up to the standards of their beliefs held. It becomes difficult to remain composed and calm when we entertain the opinions others hold about us. Most of the time, opinions are given but change drastically, depending on which emotion is felt by the one offering advice. See, in their thinking, they believe they are helping you. Are they really helping you, if you take everything they think as truths of who you are? No, this only puts you in constant conflict within yourself warring and questioning every move you make, hoping to not disappoint the trusted individual that you seek approval or acceptance from. You will find your days are spent trying to obtain the standard of living someone expects of you, but you will hear constantly how wrong you are doing it.

Ladies, some of you reading are so tired and emotionally exhausted because you work so hard to please those around you, but at the end of the day, you question why your needs aren’t met. If your day is spent micromanaging your household by nagging your husband or yelling at your kids, then no one will be comfortable approaching you to even notice you hold unmet needs. They will do everything they can to be away from your smothering ways. They will interpret your caregiving methods as anger instead of love. Keep in mind, you are the lady of the house, so to listen to another lady telling you how to run your home is your first clue that if you take what she says as truths, then you may be living for her approval. You can spend your entire life trying to gain approval, but if she truly approved of you, she would mind her own business.

In order to be a right-minded woman, you must keep a distance from opinionated people. Their views of you need to align with God’s views of you in order to even be considered. If their views don’t align with God’s views of you, then don’t entertain what is said. This alleviates you from trying to obtain approval that you may never receive. There are some people we aim to please who are unpleasable.

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Robin Worgull