Day: February 22, 2019

Are you a right-minded woman?

The right-minded woman doesn’t allow herself to be overtaken by demands around her. She keeps herself composed and calm at all times. She meets the demands she can while leaving the ones she can’t in God’s hands. She holds a quiet surety and confidence in Christ, that enables her the strength needed to carry on.

Her days are busy doing God’s will above her own will. Those around her seek guidance so they too can become like her. She doesn’t grow weary in well, doing but rather it motivates her continuation.

She readies herself in preparations for future problems that may arise. She educates herself to better care for her family. She teaches the younger females how to carry on long after she leaves this earth.

Her days are not spent on idol things. She purposely plans the moments of the day to be used wisely. She doesn’t allow distractions.

She takes the resources coming in and uses each part of them. There is no waste of resources as waste is not a word in her vocabulary.

She keeps herself learned Biblically and her clothing attire is modest. Her humble ways produce greatness around her. She is a doer and giver of the heart.

She never allows her mind to wander. She keeps her thoughts in captivity as a means to discern each thought coming through.

People come to her seeking help, she gives as she can. Her priorities are God, family, others,  and then herself. She holds no selfish tendencies. She is far from perfect but doesn’t seek perfection. She seeks to do God’s will and holds a servant’s heart.

She holds no need to be the center of attention. She is content to do for others by the works of her hands. Glory is not what she seeks but rather knowing that her family is well cared for.

She holds no time for anger as anger holds her back from the capability needed to care for those around her. Her needs are met by God as she doesn’t seek those around her to meet her needs.

She is content in all her ways. She appreciates every moment allowed on earth and sees it as opportunities to continue the good works God started in her.

Her days are filled with words of praise and a grateful heart. She uses the blessings given to her to bless others around her. She expects nothing for her kindness. Her approval is sought from God, not from those around her. She’s quiet and meek. When she speaks, people listen. Her words spoken hold knowledge and truth.

She stays close to God while keeping the world far from her. She is a testimony of strength, beauty, and graciousness. She does not put herself in a position to become a wrong-minded woman.

Many of us think it is impossible in the modern times we live in to be like the virtuous woman found in Proverbs 31:10-31.  It is not as hard as one might think. I wrote a book teaching how to be the right-minded woman. It takes a lot of surrendering, a lot of prayers, discipline in our minds and tongues and accountability helps greatly.  I will be sharing a series of teachings on how to become a right-minded woman on this site. If you want to learn more, please follow this page and sign up by email to be a part of this free series.


Robin Worgull