Day: November 28, 2018

What exactly are you waiting for?

Many of us know what is expected of us and what we need to be doing but instead of doing what needs to be done, we wait. What are we waiting on?

If we keep waiting for the right moment, the one that feels right, then we lose the moment at hand. Doing what is right often feels wrong.

If we keep looking for a sign or permission from others, to do what is already laid on us to do, then we are guilty of stopping the plans God holds for us to carry out.

If we need the approval of others to feel comfortable doing what God leads us to do, then we better learn real quick to get comfortable being uncomfortable,  because most people don’t hold approval for themselves let alone for anyone else.

Too many people are waiting for the right time, right feeling, right circumstances, or the courage to finally do what needs to be done and is long overdue. There is never a right time or right feeling or even right circumstance we can find ourselves in except, right now. Life is full of chaos and situations are always presenting themselves. Situations such as financial issues, health issues, marital problems, the raising of children, or work-related issues etc.

Those that keep waiting are taking the strength they had left and lost it to the stress of procrastination. When we procrastinate, it is because we don’t truly believe that we were chosen or set apart to live an abundant life promised to us.  We tend to believe others were chosen and a better fit for the job meant for us. Many of us are not walking out our part in God’s plan. We keep looking at everyone around us and think we should be doing what they are doing. We fail to realize they are looking at us and trying to follow what we are doing.

You hold purpose but are purposely avoiding it. I encourage you to get up and quit waiting for the right moment to finally fulfill your purpose. This requires you to quit waiting for approval from those who sugarcoat your ears with sweet words but behind your back are waiting to watch you fall.  They are just going to have to watch you rise.

Those that have to do their calling in fear of what others may say or think, can be found courageous if they simply walk by faith and not by sight.  It does not matter who says or does what to us or against us.  If we are walking in faith, then our concern is on God and his will, not the concern of others who secretly want to see us fall. Don’t allow yourself to be others entertainment by being so concerned with the things they don’t understand about you. People will always speak their minds and give their opinions, but that doesn’t mean the words spoken are truths of who you are.

We answer to God, not to man… This is our greatest reminder that we concern ourselves with the business of God and His plans, over the business of others around us. We would not procrastinate as much if we would mind our own business and not listen to the voices of sabotage around us. God doesn’t use perfect people, he uses those with a willing heart, who have walked the road of brokenness and are willing to share the learned wisdom of the experience with others.  We have to lock it down in our thinking that what God is calling us to do must be done now, not when it is convenient or feels right…

Blessings to each of you overcomers,

Robin Worgull