Day: November 21, 2018

Are you predetermined not to straddle the fence?

Many of us find ourselves struggling in areas we keep repeating. Those areas can range from relationship issues, financial, health, spiritual, or emotional ups and downs. Sometimes we unknowingly become our own stumbling block trying to be accepted or approved of by others. What we fail to realize is we are in a constant spiritual battle.  There is a battle called spiritual warfare being fought in the unseen realm. The battle is between good and evil fighting for control over us here on earth. Many of us find ourselves disabled in fear or doubt and keep questioning, what’s wrong with me? (There’s nothing wrong with you. You were created exactly as God wanted you to be. You may be responding to the battles coming at you improperly. This would cause situations you encounter to repeat themselves, which creates the fear and doubt you keep experiencing.)

To obtain true discipline in mind, body, and soul, we don’t have the option of straddling the fence. Straddling the fence means to keep one foot in the flesh and one foot in the spirit. To try to walk in the spirit and the flesh only causes a person to war within themselves. Anytime we war within means we battle within ourselves, between partaking in things that are right or wrong. We are supposed to walk upright within the boundaries of biblical principles, not keeping our feet in the world enjoying what it offers. Either we have both feet in or we don’t. Most people play hopscotch, meaning they want to enjoy what the world offers but also want God to deliver them from their troubles they find themselves in.

I take a moment to explain something. Light and darkness can’t exist in the same room. A flicker of candle lights one section of a dark room, but a room full of light holds no darkness within it. Now, think of yourself as the room. Are you full of light or darkness? See, what goes in must come out. If we fill ourselves full of God’s Word and walk within the boundaries he sets for us; he then equips us with the ability to hold our heads up high and walk fearlessly. Yet, if we fill ourselves with what the world offers which is darkness, upset, sorrow, hopelessness,  wickedness and decay, then we fall defeated to the very thing we were enticed by. Why would be enticed to something intended to destroy us? The answer is more simple than you might think. When we were enticed it was because the devil offered something that appeared good, fun, or exciting but not something that appeared dangerous. Keep in mind, we live in a fallen world with fallen people who have fallen away from God because they were deceived by a fallen angel instead.  When the devil presents an opportunity for a person to take part in, he doesn’t allow the person to see the danger that lies ahead. No, he makes the opportunity look beautiful so the person is captivated by beauty instead of what truly is waiting for them. The devil is always looking for doors of opportunity we left open to him unknowingly.

Doors of opportunity we leave open are areas in our lives we keep sinning. People enjoy sin, even the Bible says sin is fun for a time but it also makes it known sin leads to death. We don’t know if death is pertaining to us physically or other areas such as our finances, relationships, etc. What we do know, is the price of sin is death. To the person who keeps having struggle after struggle, self-discipline is mandatory if you want to start living instead of merely existing. (Yes we have people very much healthy who are not living but rather are existing in misery, and have lost the desire to get up and go enjoy life.) John 10:10 reminds us that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came so we could have life and an abundant one at that.

If you recall, I mentioned spiritual warfare is the battle between good and evil fighting for control over us down here on earth. Many of us have arrows of doubt, fear, depression, anxiety, anger,  and all the other ugly emotions we routinely feel,  raining down on us daily from the unseen realm. You will keep getting knocked down until you begin being predetermined not to straddle the fence. This requires self- discipline and filtering what your five senses are exposed too. (Touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell.) If you filter properly, then you must not let any part of you touch ungodliness. Don’t taste what the world offers. Keep your sights on things above, not on what’s around you. Stay in the Word of God so you can hear the small, still voice of God pressing directions on your heart. Be vigilant by smelling what you are about to step into. Remember, the smell of upset and danger get stronger the closer you get to them.

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Robin Worgull   (Author of The Conflict Within and The Right- Minded Woman)