Month: October 2018

Reminder for those with trust issues:

For some people the idea of placing trust in anyone is terrifying. They can’t fathom relying on anyone or placing confidence in them either. For those of us who have held disappointments in our past, we often feel uneasy at the thought of trusting others for fear of being let down or hurt. I have heard people refer to trust as a gamble they can’t afford to take.  The pain associated with being let down again often stops people completely from trusting again.

All throughout the Bible, we are instructed to trust the Lord, trust His might, trust His Word instead of leaning on our own understanding. This means we are to place every confidence in the Lord. Many of us are guilty of leaning on our own understanding. For some people with trust issues, they struggle to place their trust in God completely. How are they ever going to trust God, someone they can’t see with their eyes if they never take the chance of trusting those around them that their eyes can see? Trust is what stands between them and God from having a close relationship or anyone else for that matter here on earth.

If you struggle with trust issues, you may be allowing what happened in your past to prevent you from a beautiful present. In other words, your past experiences are robbing you of present experiences.

John 10: 10 ” The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” This scripture is key to knowing what has stopped you from moving forward and why you struggle to trust God in everything. The thief (devil) has stolen your trust by using trusted individuals you know,  in an attempt to make it harder for you to trust God. He has tried killing your joy by robbing you of a life God intended for you to live in abundance.  The life of security, love and stable relationships. The Devil has also tried to destroy any chances of you trusting people around you because if you don’t, this would leave you isolated, alone and suffocating in fears, which allows the devil easy access to torment you in your thought process. You may claim to be a person of faith, but if you lack trust then you can’t hold the faith. How is it possible to hold faith without trust?  Faith is believing without seeing.

The enemy (devil) has a strategy he uses against you in hopes for you to be all alone, miserable and with doubt in abundance. God, on the other hand, wants bigger and better for you and wants you to live the abundant life. He wants to bless you and deliver you from the lies the enemy would have you believe. You have the choice to make for yourself. You can either choose to trust or choose to be deceived by lies.  This is a choice no one can make for you. You answer to God for yourself.

This is your life, given to you to enjoy. The enemy hates you and me and we are a pure amusement to him when we struggle. The devil will continue to attack in the areas that we continue to not be a challenge to him in. The attacks are just battles. We can win them through Christ or we can be defeated by our fears. I choose to place my confidence in Christ as I was not given the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7


Robin Worgull


She walks among us:

We walk past her every day.  How many of us stop to reach out or tell her we notice? We must remember she belongs to somebody… She is someone’s wife, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother or a friend.

What if we would have known that her husband left her for another woman during sickness? Would that have made us notice her? What if we knew her husband threw her off the staircase banister due to having a bad day?  Sounds extreme, doesn’t it? Yet, there are women going through extreme situations and most of us are too busy to take notice, offer help, or pray for them.  These women are in the grocery stores we shop at, in the school district, in our neighborhoods, even in our lives and they go unnoticed.

How about the widow woman or the divorced mother who is promised love, protection, and appreciation in a new marriage but once the ring goes on, all promises are forgotten? Yes, these women walk among us daily. They come from homes that lack affection, attention, approval and they are abandoned in the very home,  by the very person who made a promise of security to them… Not only are they rejected by their husbands but they are mistreated, mocked, bullied, and emotionally ripped to pieces. They are left to wonder why they aren’t worth their husbands love, affection, or time spent with her. These women have been falsely accused, manipulated, lied to, kicked around by words, cursed at and told they are unlovable. Most of them are left to provide financially for themselves. Intimacy is something they have never shared due to pornography dividing them.  They can clearly see pornography or other women are desired more than they are.  Any amount of trust they had invested in these men, is quickly ripped from them.

When they try to talk openly and honestly to their spouse, they are quickly shut down, told how selfish or demeaning they are being. Almost every problem that arises in the home has blame shifted on them. This causes her to take on false responsibility and guilt within her. She now finds herself questioning everything he ever spoke to her. She silently cries in another room and cries out to God in desperation. Not knowing how to respond to her emotional pain, she begins asking God if she did something to deserve such harsh treatment…Out of nowhere, a lion within her silently screams, “I’ve got this child”.

She finds the strength once again to get up, clean her face and dresses for the day. Out the door, she goes to work or run errands,  all the while keeping silent and walking right past us. Yet again, without being noticed.

What was intended to harm her, God used to strengthen her. He gives her the strength to go on, even though she is dead and pained so deeply on the inside. (Genesis 50:20 reminds us what was meant evil against us, God meant it for good.)  She still holds the capability to come back with love by having groceries in the house, dinner made, laundry done and the house picked up. As broken as she is on the inside, she’s not broken enough to not care anymore… Her love and thoughtfulness may have been denied to her, but she still holds it for him as she refuses to allow him to take that from her. It is who she is and who she will always be. So all in all, she’s in good shape for the shape she is in…

Don’t let her walk past you unnoticed again, as she deserves recognition for the mere fact, that she is still standing… Her strength alone holds such beauty, admiration and should be inspiring to all of us who have never walked in her shoes… God uses her to remind us how to overcome evil, which is through love.

Blessings to each of you,

Robin Worgull

Calling VS Work:

The Lord will often use imperfect people for his purpose to be carried out. There are many imperfect people in the Bible who felt unworthy and inadequate to have a calling placed on them by God, yet they did great things for his purpose.  We are no different than these people, we only live at a different time, which is fast-paced and holds more distractions than what people in the Bible experienced.  We often use our distractions as an excuse as to why we can’t do the calling placed on us. So today I show you the difference between a calling and work.

Work is something we do to survive, living in a world that functions off of a monetary system. We work for pay as money is used for an exchange. We buy and sell. We keep tabs on the hours we work and when we are off the clock.  We work hard to live but some of us have made the mistake of “living to work” instead of “working to live”. Big difference between the two, as those of you who live to work, are missing out on what it truly means to live.

A calling is something we feel strongly that we were meant to do. Sometimes we are not sure what it is that we are meant to do,  but we have an idea. We do know it is bigger than ourselves. It is something we are willing to do even if we receive no compensation or may need to use our own out of pocket money to continue. It may feel uncomfortable and we may have to step out of our comfort zone many times or even feel inconvenienced at times. It may require living a different lifestyle than what we are used too and maybe even relocating a time or two.

Both a calling and work require commitment and consistency. One receives monetary pay while the other may never receive any compensation. One requires complete surrender, the other requires showing up and completing tasks. Both can be fulfilling but also can be grueling at times.

There are many people who feel a calling on them. They may be unsure exactly what it is they are being called to do, yet they hold a surety within them,  that they are meant to be different than who they have become.  A calling is a feeling so strong that those who are called just know they were called. (You tend to have a strong feeling it was for you to do something, even though you may hold no desire of your own for what you were called for.)  What is wonderful is when you are called,  you don’t hold the need of getting confirmation from those around you, because you already hold confirmation from the Lord that you were chosen for the specific job placed upon you.  This is not to say, that you will fully understand why he specifically chose you because I believe we all question that one for ourselves. If you do feel the need to get confirmation from others when you already got confirmation from the Lord, remind yourself the devil is throwing arrows of doubt, fear, second-guessing and insecurities your way,  in an attempt to get you not to accept your calling.  The devil doesn’t want us accepting our calling from the Lord, he wants to reroute our thinking into feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy.  Did you know that Jeremiah had a calling placed on him while still in his mother’s womb?  Jeremiah 1:4-5 “Then the word of the Lord came unto me saying 5) “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou comest out of the womb I sanctified thee and I ordained thee to a prophet unto the nations.”

If you are serious about accepting your calling, then you must seek out what your calling is.  If you already know, then you must walk on faith whether you understand all the twists and turns you will encounter along the way or not. Don’t expect to have people agree with your calling, because there are people who will try to prevent you from completing what you were chosen to do, simply because they don’t agree with it. Not everybody will appreciate what you are doing and may hold harsh words to discourage you. (Don’t concern yourself with what these people think but rather concern yourself with what God thinks of you.)  Remember to stay in prayer while removing sin daily, as Psalms 66:18 is our reminder if we hold iniquity in our hearts the Lord will not hear us. Iniquity is a willful sin.

In order to accept your calling and carry it out properly, you must stay in close communication with the Lord.  He will give you the instructions and next steps to take as well as the protection needed to endure the journey before you. You can’t do this journey on your own strength;  but with a willing and obedient heart, the Lord can work through you and give you the capability needed for the task you were chosen for. ( Proverbs 20:5) I leave you with one last reminder. Mathew 22:14 reminds us that many are called but few are chosen. (If you were chosen it is because the Lord found an obedient heart, in an imperfect person, he could use for His perfect work.)


Robin Worgull