Day: September 10, 2018

Relay Race:

A couple months ago I felt a pressing on my heart to “pack my things, tell everyone I knew goodbye and go”. (I couldn’t explain to anyone what it meant yet there was surety in my heart the Lord was leading me somewhere and he wasn’t playing around.) I did what anyone else in my shoes would do and began looking at my realities. My realities were the job is here, family and friends are here, doctors appointments were already set, this has to be doubt I’m feeling. It made no sense to leave everything and everyone… Or did it?

If you recall I mentioned surety in my heart that the Lord was not playing. I knew the Lord was doing something although I couldn’t see the entire picture. I begin praying to ask the Lord to reveal what all this meant. Within a couple weeks of faithful prayer, the Lord began revealing simple steps to make. ( The steps didn’t make sense to me but I have learned not to question.) Those steps of faithfulness produced a job offer of a lifetime, a home twice the size I was leaving and doors of opportunity being opened. None of those steps were easy,  quite the opposite. Something deep inside me kept reminding me to persevere.  Hebrews 12:1 was at the surface of every thought I had. This scripture reminds us to lay aside every weight and the sin that prevents us from running with perseverance the race marked out for us…

I needed to remove any thoughts of doubt or fear in order to remember who was in control of my life. Knowing that the Lord knew the best path for my feet to run on, I had to trust he was in control and I was not… I also knew the journey before me, would hold twists and turns which meant I needed to run my race differently than in times past. In times past I saw life as a marathon that I was too tired to run. I couldn’t keep up with the others or finish without being a pile of sweat and tears. Marathons are long and grueling. No matter how fit we are for the race we often can lose perspective in the middle of it. We forget why we began running in the first place. We allow our thoughts to veer off the path our feet are treading on… We see people passing us up and succeeding while we feel defeated by our own feelings. We become hypersensitive to the smallest things around us, simply because our eyes saw a different picture than the one our minds anticipated.

I now approach my journey as a daily relay race. This allows me to hold perspective. I now have a short run, where I pass the baton to the Lord at the end of my daily race. He then allows me time to rest and strengthen in preparation for the next day’s race.

As God’s people, we all are in the race together. I encourage you to daily pass the baton and allow the Lord to pick up where he allowed you to stop for the day. His work continues while we rest and prepare for tomorrow’s race.


Robin Worgull