Day: September 6, 2018

The Worst Enemy is Yourself:

We often like to blame others for how we feel but have you listened to yourself lately? I’m talking about the way you speak about yourself… Your words not only tear you down but will hold you down emotionally as well. Every flaw you see in yourself is made known before others have the opportunity to notice for themselves. When you speak about your insecurities, it doesn’t make them go away but it does highlight them…

Words spoken so harshly about ourselves tend to give off the impression to others that they can speak the same. Yet, we often question why some people speak the way they do to us. Maybe, it is because we fail to listen to how we speak about ourselves. Did you know, that our words spoken are a direct indication of the beliefs we carry? We actually believe what we are saying…

Why is it so easy to freely offer compliments to others but when it comes to ourselves we can’t recognize what others see in us? It is because we don’t truly believe their words when we hear them. (See, if we can’t see it in ourselves, then what others say is untrue in our thinking.)

Some of you reading keep thinking you don’t measure up.  How busy are you comparing yourself to others? You hold yourself back in life because you actually believe the people who said, “you would never succeed.” (Did it ever occur to you that people who were so busy determining your life were people who had no clue what to do with their own life first?)  Have you ever stopped to consider the truth of who you are? (More than likely you haven’t because it is easier to believe what you have heard your entire life …) People are wrong. Most of us who heard harsh words about ourselves were from loved ones or trusted individuals who were struggling. All this means is they spoke what they felt off the emotion they were under at the moment. It would be nice if words spoken could be stuffed back in but once out,  they can’t be retracted. Now where we went wrong, is we took what they said as truths about who we are because it justified the doubts we carried. Had we held surety and knew who we were, their words could have been ignored then eventually forgotten.

I challenge you to choose your words carefully while speaking about yourself… Give no more power to any doubts you carry. The truth is, you are capable, you are loved, you are appreciated, you are wanted, you are needed, and you are worthy of being treated with love and kindness. You are priceless and no one can do what you do best which is, being who you are. You may never win the approval of those around you but their approval should never be elevated above God’s approval for you. Ephesians 2:10 is your reminder that you are the workmanship of God’s hands, made exactly as he wanted you to be. You are not a mistake as God doesn’t make mistakes.

To change the way you speak about yourself is to change what you have believed for too long…


Robin Worgull