Day: August 21, 2018

Walk With Purpose:

Many people walk around going through the motions of life, without taking steps of purpose… This means they allow their feet to step them back into areas of emotional pain and areas of defeat. How is this done? (They keep returning to the same hurtful thoughts or the same hurtful people who placed them in shackles to begin with.)

Thoughts are so powerful. This is why we are told to hold our thoughts in captivity in  2 Corinthians  10:5.  See, to hold our thoughts captive for a time allows us to discern whether those thoughts are truths or assaults on the mind by the devil himself ,who seeks to defeat us and thwart God’s plans for our lives. Our minds are where we develop the attitudes and beliefs that determine what we will say or do. To go a step further, keep in mind if we are thinking negative thoughts our thoughts will trigger an emotion of the heart. So to think negative, has us feeling negative, which causes us to react negatively.

Whatever thoughts we allow ourselves to think upon determine our attitudes or approach to someone or something; simply because we believed that thought to be the truth… To clarify further, words spoken by others in hurtful ways are thoughts we have no business thinking upon. (If the words spoken were hurtful it is because somewhere in that conversation we believed something they said about us was true; when deep down we know otherwise.)

We will never be able to walk with purpose if we are consumed by what was said to us or about us , especially if it was said or done by someone we hold close to our heart… That is a weight we should not try carrying. Most of us growing up always heard our parents say, “mind your own business.”   (If I were to take the words of others personal, then I just stuck my nose in their business.) That is between them and the Lord not them and myself… I was set free from bondage when I accepted the Lord as my personal savior. So to take their words personal, places me in emotional bondage. What is said or done to me is lifted up in prayer so I can walk away retaining my joy; instead of being robbed of it. I tend to root myself in the Word of God so nothing else takes root in me. (Psalm 1:3) This allows me to not take on the attitude of others or the belief that I don’t measure up; when I know in my heart God called me for a purpose. I can’t do his purpose if I believe the words of others, over Him.

In order to do His work my confidence must be in him, not in man. My hope must remain in the promises he left for us. My joy must remain in knowing I don’t have to fear man or his ways, because God’s Word already convinced me that no weapon formed against me can prosper, and every tongue spoken against me is in judgement and will be condemned, because I belong to the Lord. (Isaiah 54:17)

Those of you who belong to the Lord as well, need to take on the right attitude and the belief of who you are in Christ, in order to takes steps of purpose. In order to do this, you must not be hung up on the words or actions of others.  You don’t answer to man,  you answer to the Lord.  Walking with purpose is holding your head up high, owning who the Lord created you to be, and getting the job done without hesitation … We all hold different jobs, but all those jobs combined get the Lord’s work done. If you were gifted with the ability to nurture, then don’t allow the mistreatment or rejection of others to stop you from nurturing. If you were gifted with the ability to be a prayer warrior, don’t allow others to rob you of your joy or concentration that affects your prayer life. If you were created to teach, don’t listen to those who say you are not smart enough. Whatever God gifted you the ability for; never allow someone’s words or actions to become your new belief about yourself… Wake up knowing who you are, where you are going and how you’re going to get there. This is walking with purpose, using the steps of faith…


Robin Worgull

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