Month: August 2018

Lord, Help My Disbelief:

Many of us seek change in our lives. We go to the Lord in prayer while pouring our hearts out to him… We tend to think that the prayer sent up,  will send down immediate change. We become discouraged when we’re not answered instantaneously or if the answer differs from the anticipation of what we thought the Lord would do. We even begin debating with the Lord, because we want to know what we did to deserve such hardship. We tend to forget that what takes time to break down, takes time to build up.

There are people so eager and desperate for change, that their sole focus is watching every little detail around them while fighting the changes they disagree with. (We often forget that some changes must be made in ourselves before the Lord is willing to change our circumstances.)  Instead of waiting and trusting the Lord, we make the mistake of stepping outside of God’s will to get solutions to our problems.  One of the biggest mistakes we can make is listening to the advice given by people who choose to not walk upright in the Lord. (These people are dangerous. Their advice should be null and void. Why pray to God Almighty, if we are going to take the advice from someone who doesn’t serve him because they are too busy serving themselves?)

Some of you reading need to remember, real change requires divine intervention if we have done all we could do and there is no more we can do. At that point, it must be handled by divine intervention. None of us are capable of changing someone’s heart or their mind. God can go in and soften hardened hearts and redirect minds back towards him.

We can’t get them from someone offering advice that isn’t seeking the Lord we prayed too. Their advice comes from a different source than the one we need. They tend to live for the moment, hold no standards higher than their own way of thinking, and use their opinion as a  new moral code.  Wisdom screams, ” BEWARE”, yet we are drawn to their advice… Could it be, that we don’t truly believe the Lord will change our situation?

It is easier to believe a lie when the person telling it is convinced it’s the truth.  It tends to make them more convincing to us as well when we are desperate for change to happen in our favor… Waiting on the Lord to answer prayer is hard, especially when we are heartbroken over something… Divine intervention is done in God’s timing, not ours. To pray then accept advice from an unreliable source shows us we need help with our disbelief.

We are told in the Bible if we don’t believe, then test him. (Test him to see if he will do the Father’s Will. John 10:37, Malachi 3:10)  Do you remember in Mark 9:23-25 the man asked the Lord, “please help me with my disbelief”?

Well, maybe that should be the prayer we begin praying…


Robin Worgull

Ask Yourself Five Questions:

Many of us deal with our emotions the wrong way… We think that because we “feel” a certain way, that is the truth of a situation we find ourselves in or find ourselves coming out of.  Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth…

To trust our emotions is to have our minds pondering on fleshly things. Things such as our finances, relationships, job situation or health issues, etc.  All the things we can’t fix on our own doing. Some of us are in serious need of divine intervention for our situations to change. Meaning, some of us have done all we can do and the rest is out of our hands or control. Only the Lord in his timing can fix the mess we find ourselves in. Yet, what people do instead is place all their focus on what’s right in front of them or on the things they have lost that they were not ready to lose . They can’t understand why they find themselves so stressed out or with body aches and pains. They fail to realize they are trying to control the outcome of the problems faced; yet this causes their emotions to be untamed which only creates havoc in the body…

Anytime we are working through our emotions, we must call the truth of each one felt. Meaning, are we reacting after a long day or are we justifying what we feel because we hold an unmet need? Regardless how you answer those questions, the truth is the way you react to how you feel should not have others around you feeling punished for your emotional outburst. (That’s what happens though… We get upset, we react then expect others to continue showing us gentleness, even though our reaction may have just crushed them.)  It’s hard to focus on others when the focus is solely on ourselves.

I encourage you to try something for one week and see if you notice a difference… Each time you feel an emotion, whether it be good or bad; ask and answer these questions…

  1. Why do I feel this way?
  2. What happened to make me feel this particular emotion?
  3. When was the last time I felt this particular emotion?
  4. Where was I when this emotion began?
  5. Who did I allow to cause me to feel this way?                                                                       As You answer these questions , remove all excuses or justifications as to why you are emotional and look for the root cause of what is causing you emotional pain. As you answer you will begin seeing a pattern in yourself. If you don’t like the pattern you see, you may find that your emotions are not the problem but rather a spiritual problem… We tend to think our emotions need an attitude adjustment when in reality we find we need a spiritual adjustment. This means your emotions may be up and down or unstable due to you being under a stronghold and not realizing it. Sometimes when we ask the right questions, truth begins surfacing.  As you watch a pattern unfold, you may find the root cause of your emotions is a stronghold never dealt with…. (A stronghold is anything that has a strong hold on you such as mistreatment,  abandonment, misunderstanding, etc…)                                                       Blessings,                                                                                                                                       Robin Worgull