Day: May 9, 2018


Can you imagine going to a restaurant and the person you are with takes it upon themselves to order for you?  They must think their idea of what you should eat is better than your own… Some of us would quickly speak up for ourselves but others of us have politeness so ingrained in us, we would simply laugh it off and just eat to keep the peace. (Even if we didn’t like it.)

Now, what if the order that was placed in front of you was painful to eat? I’m referring to the large bowl of cold mistreatment, a small loaf of sarcasm, accompanied by the two sides of stinging criticism and  the bubbling resentment,  followed up with a large scoop of jealousy, topped with a hot temper… To wash down your meal they offer a sweet kiss of confusion with an extra shot of  hatefulness…

If you fed off of any part of this meal, you must pay for  it.   See, people we want relationships with sometimes offer a lot to chew on. Not everything is digestible. Some things we chew on for a long time before they eventually choke us.  Somewhere in our deceived thinking we believe if we put up with it,  the relationship will improve, but when it doesn’t; we continue to feed off the upset before realizing the price we must pay.

We end up borrowing from our health to pay for a meal that didn’t nourish our bodies but rather discouraged us to no measure. Our health then tries to take out loans from other sources trying to pay back what was originally borrowed. In the end, the investment of the heart didn’t produce future dividends but it did produce a great deal of debt. (Debt in our health, self-esteem, and well being.)

Jeremiah 17:9  Reminds us not to trust our hearts.

My encouragement to you is use caution before investing your heart in someone who is toxic to your health. The price is too high and to feed off that much upset leaves you with a lasting heartburn.    1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 would be a great start ,if you are looking to invest .


Robin Worgull