Tightrope of life :

At times we all walk a tightrope through life trying to keep our balance. I’m standing here with nets of defeat eagerly awaiting my fall. Fear has my heart pounding. Balance gets lost by the poisonous words spoken to me that keep running through my mind. I’m shaken by emotional pain. There’s a part of me that wants to step back in the direction I started from while the other part of me wants to just get to the other side… My vision is sharp. I have seen truth but found that truth isn’t always beautiful. Truth has shown me ugliness in people I claimed to be lovely. In people I thought were supportive of me but secretly seek my defeat. They will use manipulation in an attempt to hold me as their conquered trophy. Piercing knives of doubt keep jabbing at me. I’m bleeding out much needed motivation to continue. The air is thick with lies and labels of who I am causing breathing to be labored.

My hands grip the pole of God’s truth much tighter in an attempt to keep balance… I close off access to all distractions in order to pray. I move one foot in front of the other while reminding myself to breathe. I never look down or behind me. Sweat leaving my body is weakness I  carried.  I feel a slight cool breeze brush across my forehead and instantly know, I’m not alone. Now I’m walking faster with purpose in each step. I know there is a reward waiting at the end that I plan on receiving. I also know this entire walk was a testing of my faith…

I was so consumed during the walk, I never noticed all the people watching me. They watched my every move.  They saw me cry, sweat, get angry and even overwhelmed; but they also saw me standing on the other side.  They saw my faith was stronger than my fear…

Walking the tightrope of life is not easy. We lose our balance at times but balance returns, once we surrender the distractions that keep throwing us in different directions emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have learned the hard way that most distractions are not worth losing our footing causing us to stumble…

Hebrews 12:1-2  Reminds us to remove the weight in order to run the race with patience but also reminds us that Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.  Our story is already written, we just need to walk it in faith…


Robin Worgull

2 thoughts on “Tightrope of life :

  1. Keeping our eye on the prize, staying focused on our walk with our Father is absolutely so important. In these times and in every situation we must have faith in God to get through each day, never looking back! You are such an inspiration to me & I continue to pray for you and yours without ceasing! Sending you all love & hugs!

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