Month: May 2018

Emotional Triage:

When we think of triage we think of patients in an emergency room. We know the staff is in the process of deciding which patients should be treated first, based on how sick or seriously injured they are. We also know, they are in the process of sifting and sorting people to different locations of the hospital, depending on the severity of treatment needed.

Some people find themselves in an emotional triage without going anywhere. Meaning, they are in a constant state of deciding which emotions get priority and which ones can go on a shelf to be sifted through later. They tend to try and tackle the strongest emotion first but stay in fight mode during the process. This has them placing all their focus and energy into resolving the problem that put them in the most emotional distress. When they can’t move the problem or resolve it, they tend to return to the shelf and look to resolve a smaller problem first. This keeps them in constant fight mode as rest and peace got lost in the chaos of struggles trying to be resolved.

They don’t realize that all they are doing is taking an emotion off the shelf then returning it and replacing with a different one they believe may be easier to handle. They also don’t realize that the stress these emotions create within them will eventually land them in an emergency room triage,  where someone else will get to decide what’s best for them.

Everyone of us have circumstances  or situations we endure in life. Each situation comes with new emotions to face and some of those emotions are not new to us as we have felt them before… There are numerous examples of situations that create emotional distress but to name just a few…..  mistreatment, words spoken in anger by those claiming to love us, health issues or financial hardships, relationship troubles whether it be in a marriage, friendship or workplace.  Abandonment, unfaithfulness, loneliness, pain and sickness, etc…

If you know the Lord as your personal Savior then these circumstances could be weapons being formed against you in spiritual warfare. The devil seeks to destroy God’s people.  Sometimes during the struggles and the emotional distress we encounter;  we forget that everything that is happening to us had to pass through God’s hands of permission first,  before it reached us… This means, God already knew this would happen and already was creating a path to deliver you from all your troubles.  The devil knew about that path you were meant to take so he threw obstacles to divert you in a different direction so God couldn’t deliver you. He wanted you to be defeated, so he hit you where it hurt most which is your heart or those you love, then he hit health, finances,  and all the while was messing with your emotional  stability . Why? Because  James 1:8 reminds us that an unstable man in unstable in all his ways. (If he could throw you off emotionally and physically he knew he could spiritually as well. Spiritually stable allows us to remain physically and emotionally stable; not the other way around…) The devil is not stupid. He is clever and strategic in battle, which is brought to us daily. Everyday a new battle is waiting on top of the battles of the days prior.  Remind yourself daily that the devil holds no authority over you and no weapon formed against you can prosper.  Weapons sometimes can be people, or words spoken, mistreatment, marriage / health/ finances/ relationships etc.   (  John 10:10/ Psalm 34:19/ Isaiah 40:31/Isaiah 54:17/  Mathew 28:18)

We can either hold patience and wait on the Lord to deliver us out of all our troubles or we can become a patient; because our need for control threw us out of control.


Robin Worgull


Can you imagine going to a restaurant and the person you are with takes it upon themselves to order for you?  They must think their idea of what you should eat is better than your own… Some of us would quickly speak up for ourselves but others of us have politeness so ingrained in us, we would simply laugh it off and just eat to keep the peace. (Even if we didn’t like it.)

Now, what if the order that was placed in front of you was painful to eat? I’m referring to the large bowl of cold mistreatment, a small loaf of sarcasm, accompanied by the two sides of stinging criticism and  the bubbling resentment,  followed up with a large scoop of jealousy, topped with a hot temper… To wash down your meal they offer a sweet kiss of confusion with an extra shot of  hatefulness…

If you fed off of any part of this meal, you must pay for  it.   See, people we want relationships with sometimes offer a lot to chew on. Not everything is digestible. Some things we chew on for a long time before they eventually choke us.  Somewhere in our deceived thinking we believe if we put up with it,  the relationship will improve, but when it doesn’t; we continue to feed off the upset before realizing the price we must pay.

We end up borrowing from our health to pay for a meal that didn’t nourish our bodies but rather discouraged us to no measure. Our health then tries to take out loans from other sources trying to pay back what was originally borrowed. In the end, the investment of the heart didn’t produce future dividends but it did produce a great deal of debt. (Debt in our health, self-esteem, and well being.)

Jeremiah 17:9  Reminds us not to trust our hearts.

My encouragement to you is use caution before investing your heart in someone who is toxic to your health. The price is too high and to feed off that much upset leaves you with a lasting heartburn.    1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 would be a great start ,if you are looking to invest .


Robin Worgull