Day: March 21, 2018

Don’t let doubt win:

Some of you doubt the idea that God called you for a specific job. You think maybe that calling was wishful thinking  on your part, rather than an actual calling placed on you. This means you may resist the work placed before you, due to talking yourself out of the the idea you hold capability.  Let me guess, there are people more qualified than you? You don’t hold the confidence to do what the Lord has pressed on your heart? You are worried about what people will think and say?  If you are ready to leave behind what you were given the capability to do by the Lord himself; it is because doubt has crept into your thinking and more than likely it came from trusted individuals around you…

The amount of doubt you hold did not come from the Lord.  The Lord is the one who gave you the capability so why would He send doubt to stop you?  He didn’t but his enemy did.  The devil taunts us through doubt all the time. He wants us to feel incompetent.  He will go as far as to use people we trust most,  to bring us the most pain emotionally in an attempt to stop us from carrying out the Lord’s work placed on us.  This means, sometimes the ideas of doubt come through conversations held with  people, we thought would be our strongest support system… When they don’t support us as we thought they would,  we begin to doubt  ourselves, them, our purpose and the calling placed on us. This causes us to walk around holding everyone and everything said, suspect…

Just because people around you can’t see what the Lord sees in you, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It also doesn’t give you a valid reason to walk away from the calling placed on your heart. You need to know who you are in Christ and be grateful for the calling instead of seeing it as a burden. There will always be people who criticize , or try to sabotage your good works. They won’t always accept your calling for what it is. They unknowingly tear you down because they lack understanding of the works you do. Depending on the frame of mind they are in at the moment, they can see you as a wonderful blessing or see you as a counterfeit and accuse you of wrong doing. They have no problem wasting precious time to tear you down or discourage you from moving forward. they resist what they do not understand. They disapprove of anything you attempt and find fault because they simply can’t see what the Lord sees in you.  If you are not careful you will fall into the traps the devil himself set… You may begin defending yourself on what you are doing; but find you are met with resistance at every turn. The things you do won’t always be received well or even appreciated. You will endure ridicule and be unwelcome at times.  People will try to dispute or contradict anything you attempt. They will disagree, simply because they don’t understand the significance of what you are doing. It does not impact them; it simply distracts them. If you are giving any weight or consideration to their words; then you will find yourself bothered and flooded with doubt. You may even take on a portion of  the anger they offered you. You will begin wrestling with the Lord on continuing or stopping, what He called you to do.

He called you because you hold experience and the capability to do the job better than anyone else. It was a divine calling placed on you. It does not mean  that you are not human and  won’t make mistakes;  because you will, as we all do. Keep in mind, people are entitled to their own opinions; but in the end that’s all they are.  It won’t take your calling away from you, because that calling is your purpose… It takes a thick skin and a backbone to do the Lord’s work… This is his work, not yours and if you were called to do something for him;  don’t let people’s opinions of you prevent you from moving forward.  Those opinions, were simply attacks the enemy sent to make sure you held no confidence and  was consumed with doubt… Don’t let doubt win,  let your faith be more apparent.


Robin Worgull