Day: February 9, 2018

What you leave behind matters:

We all come into this world with nothing, but we all leave something behind. (Some of us more so than others.)

Society measures success by chasing the the dollar, owning property,  how many buildings are built with your name on it, and who you know…  Money represents power. The  more money you hold the greater the power and influence you hold over others. It is expected that you leave a huge inheritance to the next family member in line, so they will continue on with what you started.  (To tell you the truth,  society won’t remember me when I’m gone. I just don’t measure up to those standards.)

The Lord measures success quite differently. He’s not interested in the most qualified, he is interested in the most committed. He’s not looking for perfect people, he is looking for imperfect people he can work perfectly through. He’s not calling people to fail, but rather qualifying them to succeed. He’s not looking for the physically strong but rather the spiritually mature. He’s not looking for the most educated person but rather looking for the person who will edify the most. He’s not looking for the selfish but rather the selfless. He’s looking for those who will surrender all of them over to all of him. No holding back, no reservations. He seeks the imperfect to be fully committed to the perfecter. 

There’s nothing wrong with holding money and power. The way you use them both should be for God’s glory not your own.  There’s nothing wrong with owning land. What you do on that land needs to reflect or mirror the Lord not yourself. This life is is not our own, we are simply here for a time but our time holds purpose.  There are many people who think they will leave nothing behind because they don’t have money, land or many material items .  Everyone of us leave something behind and it is is called “character”. To those who held a good character people will remember them in wonderful ways;  but those who’s character was less than worth mentioning, will leave pain and hurt in the thoughts and hearts of those they leave behind. Some will continue in the footsteps you began and others would never consider walking on the road you traveled…

Questions to ponder on over the weekend:  #1 Did my character mirror the Lord or the world?  #2 Will I be remembered as kind, gentle, loving and hospitable; or as hot tempered, throwing tantrums and being critical of those around me?  #3  The road I traveled,  would I want my family to follow in my footsteps? #4 Have I made right on all my wrongs or am I waiting to do that after those who hurt me, make right with me first?

None of us know how long we have left. Anything can happen at any moment… If this were my last moment, I would want my character to be one that brought smiles, left truth and hope to those who I leave behind…

Blessings to each of you,

Robin Worgull

Don’t bow to defeat:

I’m watching  God’s people struggle with changes going on around them, that they know are  biblically wrong. I too have struggled. I’m heartbroken to see so many people accepting changes that go against the Word of God. It seems if we speak up, then we are thought of as an obstacle hindering the majority who push to move forward.

It comes down to us making the decision that no matter how disliked or rejected we feel by others; that we will choose to allow God to use us as an instrument for him. This means the harder the majority pushes for us to be quiet; the louder we get. The more pressure we come under will only strengthen our stand and our prayer life. The more hate delivered to us, the more love we offer. The more darkness we come against, the brighter our light gets.

None of this is possible until us believers are predetermined to stand in faith, speak boldly in truth, hold confidence in Christ, while courageously braving the majority coming against us. This is where our trust is truly tested.

Some of you may feel as if all you have tried is a losing battle. (You see no changes.) The Bible reminds us in Galatians 6:9 not to grow weary in well doing as we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up. Keep planting seeds of truth, love and rightness; while resisting the temptation to be self-seeking, proud or angry. The Lord is counting  on us so don’t bow to defeat…

Blessings to each of you,

Robin Worgull