Are you trying to negotiate with the Lord?

Some people are burdened by situations they find themselves in. After exhausting every effort on their own strength; they often turn to the Lord in prayer,  but in a negotiating manner.  This means their prayer may sound like, “Lord if you will do this for me I will do this for you.”  First off, what can you possibly offer the Lord that He doesn’t already hold? ( You could offer your heart.) The Lord is the holder of all things and needs nothing from any of us.  He wants certain things from us but needs nothing from us. This makes negotiating pointless…

To negotiate is to offer something expecting something in return. People barter and trade all the time among themselves,  but the Lord is not one to negotiate with. We are to be dependent on Him, not the other way around. There’s nothing we hold that didn’t already come from Him…

We often think we know exactly what we need that will make everything better; but Proverbs 16:2 reminds us that our ways seem right to us but the Lord weighs our motives. This means, what we think is best may not be, because our motives or intentions may be wrong… To give better clarification, say you are praying for financial stability. Okay, what will you do with that extra money and will it take you closer or further from the Lord?  See, the Lord knows what we need and will provide his way not in our way.   Isiah 55:8-9 reminds us  that the Lord’s thoughts are not our thoughts and his ways are not our ways. (His thoughts and ways are much higher than our understanding.) This means, that we won’t always understand what the Lord is doing but that is not to say we shouldn’t trust that he has our best interest at hand because he does.

Many of us struggle in different areas. Regardless what the combination of our struggles consist of , sometimes it feels like our whole life is stuck waiting;  yet we are unclear what we are waiting for…  ( We just keep praying and keep waiting.) We need to remember during the wait and during the struggles themselves, the Lord is searching our hearts looking  for our intentions while also examining our minds. Jeremiah 17:10 reminds us of that but also goes further to remind us that the Lord will reward us according to our conduct… How do you conduct yourself?

Sometimes the way we conduct ourselves exposes the true intentions of our hearts. We may be able to deceive man,  but God is the one who can discern our thoughts and intentions of the heart according to Hebrews 4:12. If we are to be rewarded according to what our conduct deserves then I leave you with one last encouragement today.

Be careful what you pray for as the Lord may answer your prayer in a way you never bargained for. With that being said, you may get what it is you seek,  but you will lose more; than what you thought was gained… What you believed was the thing that would make everything better may be the very thing that destroys you if intentions were wrong.


Robin Worgull

3 thoughts on “Are you trying to negotiate with the Lord?

  1. I remember when I first accepted Christ as my savior trying to figure out how to pray. One never thinks about it when you’ve never done it before. I was asked to open a women’s group study in prayer. The leader knew I was a new christian and was kind enough to tell me in advance she wanted me to pray. I was terrified, just like in the 5th grade when I was asked to read in class. I had two days to figure out what I was going to say. I wrote down words that sounded like I knew what I was doing and had a little speech prepared. I then began to practice., I thought I sounded so dumb and the devil was right there reminding me of my fear and inability. When I read your post just now it reminded me how I begged and pleaded with God to not make me pray out loud in front of women more experienced than me. I laugh now looking back, recalling some of the silly things I offered Him.; I’m sure he got a good laugh. The speech I prepared went right out the window when I started to pray, but I didn’t panic, I prayed. It was short and I didn’t die so it was ok. After the study she thanked me and told me to always just close my eyes and talk to God; because that is what prayer is. Today, I love to pray out loud. I never really remember what I say, but I’ve been told at times my words have blessed their heart or expressed how they felt, that for me is a blessing. When we have a want or need, He knows and loves to hear from us. Just close your eyes and pray.👭❤

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