Part Two: Escaping your Emotional prison

This is a continuation…  On part one I asked, “what thoughts dominate your thinking?” If we were to ask someone who has been laying in bed with emotional and physical distress what started their emotional pain; more than likely at first no answer would come to their thinking… Yet if we wait and give them the opportunity to think back, they would take us back to last week, then last month, then a year ago and even as far back as their childhood. ( Most people in this type of pain hold hurts from their past.) They become historical in a sense. This means, they can recall every rude comment, hurtful conversation, look, tone of voice, verbal and physical mistreatment and possibly even recall the season of the year it happened in.

Without realizing they have conditioned or trained their brain to ponder on negative, hurtful things… It’s not that they want to keep reliving hurt or pain but rather they seek answers as to why this happened to them or what they did to deserve such hostility or neglect.  This will cause the person to either be critical of themselves or of others. Simply, because years of hurt, pain and lack of understanding conditioned their brain to ponder on negative.  (If all they had to think upon was negative then nothing positive was put in it’s place to overpower the negativity.) How does one feel good about themselves when all they can see is their flaws and the flaws of others? How long will they be stuck in an emotional prison that keeps them bound in chains of pain? ( As long as they keep their focus solely on themselves. Meaning, what was done to them and how it makes them feel. They unknowingly are allowing the devil to use their mind as his playground.)

It is so important to place truth in our thoughts. We need to remember that when Jesus died on the cross for our sins, all authority was given to him in Heaven and on Earth. (Mathew 28:18) This means, if you are a believer, the devil holds no authority over you because the Lord gave us power over him. We are told to resist the devil and he will flee. (James 4 :7) If you are entertaining thoughts that go against the Word of God then you are not resisting the devil but rather are entertaining him as you struggle and suffer in emotional pain that creates the physical pain you hold as well. None of us can go back and change what others said or did to us but we can forgive them; which releases us from the pain carried. Some of you are bound in pain by the actions of others. You may have sought approval, love, sensitivity, recognition or a number of things that they never offered you. Did it ever occur to you, they may not have held what you wanted from them?Meaning, we can’t offer what we don’t hold… ( Maybe the people who hurt you were hurting people themselves. They simply offered what they held which was pain.)

Let’s go a step further:  Are you holding pain but no longer speak to those who caused it due to dissolved relationships or possibly due to them not being alive any longer?  In that case, how will they have the opportunity to make right if you no longer speak or if they are no longer living?  You can’t… You have to forgive them for yourself to be released from pain. this means, let them answer to God for what they said or did, as you no longer concern yourself with pain they caused. Place that pain in the Lord’s hands for him to deal with them as he sees fit; while you no longer have to concern yourself with business you handed over to the Lord and made His business… If you place that pain in the Lord’s hands then this alleviates you from carrying it any longer. The Lord is ready to take when  you are ready to give…

If you are hurt by someone, tell the Lord. If you were done wrong, crushed in spirit and mind, feel lost, neglected, abandoned, disrespected, unloved, unwanted, distraught, in conflict, under severe temptations, sick in need of healing, miserable in your marriage or friendships, or hold any upset whatsoever… tell the Lord. When you tell him, leave that upset with him as he’s the one who holds all authority in Heaven and on Earth. Ask forgiveness where you have wronged others or the Lord himself… Psalms 103:12 reminds us that as far as the east is from the west our sins have been removed from us. This means, quit feeling guilty, shame, or sorrow for something you repented of that the Lord removed far from you.

Give the Lord your guilt, shame, sorrow, anger, pain, and all the hurts said or done to you. You don’t have to carry your sins or the sins of others any longer. You may find that you spend a great deal of time in prayer giving the Lord all the upset you have carried, but remember if you gave it to him you no longer are the carrier. It is out of your hands which means if the thought pops into your thinking; don’t entertain a thought that put you down in the first place… Instead, resist the devil and he will flee. Those thoughts keep you tormented. your torment keeps the devil entertained. Jesus died on the cross to take away your sins and pain. He freed you on that cross.

If you are bound by chains of pain from your past or even your present, then you are trying to hold onto something you desperately want control over… What you may fail to realize is the Lord knew and knows what happened or what will happen beforehand. He went to work on your behalf and also sent his angels to fight for you. So each time you try to control the outcome of what you feel at the moment; you are preventing the help you could have received. The Lord won’t push his help on you; no you have to want it. That’s your right with holding the free will he gave you. This means he will let you do things your way but when you are ready to give he is more than ready to take…

If you are in an emotional prison of pain, offer up each upset you hold until there is no more upset to offer. Don’t take back, what you gave away. Stop focusing on yourself and what you feel. Half of what you routinely feel are just attacks or assaults on the mind sent from the devil and his fallen angels….   With that being said,  ” Back To Hell Demons! My Lord Holds All Authority In Heaven And On Earth! He Also Holds Legions Upon Legions Of  Good Angels Who Are Going To Tear You Up For Messing With Me!!!  ( That Is The Mentality you need to hold my friends…)


Robin Worgull

2 thoughts on “Part Two: Escaping your Emotional prison

  1. Part two is right on. Forgiving someone gives you freedom from from the hold they have on you. Holding anger or a grudge binds you to the person you want to get away from. Forgive them, even if there has never been an apology and give the issues to God. Focus and choose to be happy. From the moment you give it to God he begins to restore your Joy and Peace. Thank you Robin for all you do and your willingness to share the word. Keep writing👭❤

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