Part One: What thoughts dominate your thinking?

Sometimes we unknowingly are controlled by the thoughts we think upon. Proverbs 23:7 Reminds us that the way we think is how we are. With that being said, may I ask “How are you?” To answer that question accurately, you must stop and recognize what you have allowed your thoughts to be on… If your thoughts have been all over the place and primarily on negative things, then you may not be in a good place emotionally right now or for awhile.  This means that if negative thoughts dominate your thinking, then negative emotions are flooding you as well. ( Negative thoughts, trigger negative emotions. Negative emotions trigger negative words or actions.)

Let’s take this a step further: Did you know that each time your mind has a negative thoughts, toxins are released into the brain? Over time these toxins can actually cause brain damage.

Anytime negativity dominates our thoughts, we also can experience physical ailments. (Migraines, fatigue, physical pain in the body, tense muscles, irritable bowels, chest pains and possibly restricted breathing, insomnia etc.)  We also experience the emotional stress factors associated with negative thoughts. ( Anxiety, fear, crying, doubt, worry, sorrow, loneliness, panic, confusion, etc.)

It is fair to ask, is it the negative thoughts that caused all these complications or the toxins released in the brain?  (Both) It is overwhelming the amount of damage caused by toxins in the brain that prevented dopamine ( our well being neuro- hormone)  from being released. This prevented the well being of a person;  leaving them with even more negative thinking due to how bad they felt emotionally and physically. The worse they feel, the worse the thoughts get, the more the toxins are released in the brain causing damage.

What do you think the outcome of this will look like? I assure you not good at all… The person experiencing this struggle will have it long term and will miss out on living life because most of their time will be spent trying to feel better. Either they will sleep their days away, or hold every distraction in hopes something will make them feel better. This is not to say they won’t try to self- medicate, because often times they do. They often are thrown into what I call panic mode, which means they react off of what they feel at the moment which can lead them down a destructive path. Instead of living, they become stuck in their shell, simply existing… They sink deeper into a depressive state of mind experiencing a comfortless and lonesome life.  They are miserable in every area of their life. They forfeit trying because they have felt defeated at every turn.  If they are not careful they can take on a victim mentality, which only keeps them wrapped up longer; focused on themselves and their pain. This means they see no way out of the emotional prison their mind got them into and may also blame others for the situation they are in… To make matters worse, they begin seeing relationships dissolve either in their marriage, with co-workers or friendships. This only intensifies their loneliness, doubt and fears. Their self value is questioned while each moment of their day is dreaded. Hope escapes them as dread floods them… Deuteronomy  31:6 Reminds us not to dread or fear but unfortunately not all of us succeed at that. In fact dread begins overpowering us when we reach that low point. Dread for being around certain people for fear of them seeing us that way. Dread doing things simply because all interest has been lost. Once interest is lost, escaping from our prison seems impossible…

One reason people become so complacent and do nothing about their situation is because they believe the thoughts they have focused on to be truths;  instead of seeing them as the lies they are. You read that correctly… The Lord holds purpose for each and everyone of us believers. Who better to interrupt our well being than the enemy himself?   John 10:10 reminds us that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.  The thief is the devil. Did he steal part of your life by killing your hopes and dreams; while destroying any opportunity that was sent in your direction? Did he use people you trusted to harm you emotionally or physically?

Please be looking for Part Two:  Escaping your emotional prison (It will be up shortly)


Robin Worgull

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