Still down and struggling?

Some of you struggle daily with emotional pain that has you wincing in physical pain. It gets so bad that the only choice you feel you hold is to lay down until the pain eases up. You often question, how other people are able to function but why you struggle so often. You may even be the person who holds a number of excuses as to why you are the way you are yet secretly question if you are justifying or if it really is that way; simply because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time… You go to the doctor and walk out with the same thing, pain medication, antidepressants and possibly muscle relaxers or anxiety medication. You faithfully take the prescription as told and wait until it finally begins working yet all the while you feel tired, groggy and are expected to still function in the home by family members. No matter how hard you try to hide your physical pain or emotional it always seem to knock you out of the game and throws your butt in bed until relief comes… This leads you to feeling guilty because those who depended on you were let down once again and the love you hold for others is not being seen because the symptoms you endure are seen and heard louder than any love you offer. Am I close or did I hit the nail on the head?

I get it, you have had a hard life. Something happened that led you to believe, “It’s all downhill from here”.  (That’s also the day all motivation was removed from you and never returned either, Right?)

As you lay there trying to get relief from your pain, your mind is flooded with negative thoughts that no matter how hard you try; these thoughts just torment you and lead you onto a road of fear and anxiety… So what started as an emotional morning, turned into a wasted afternoon with physical pain that had you bed bound and ample time to ponder on all the thoughts running through your tired mind… (It’s like a prison sentence at home.)  Let’s not forget to mention you will be up all night with horrible insomnia and still no closer to a quiet mind.  Then if you add in fear and anxiety, then you can expect greater physical pain from being so tense, swollen eyes from crying and trouble breathing from the anxiety that really feels like a heart attack…

~~~~ Imagine for a moment while you are enduring the struggle that someone asks you, “What happened or what started this today?”  Most of you who can relate to this can also relate to holding no answer to the question asked… (More than likely you brush it off as having a hard day or over doing it…)  STOP right there and let’s have serious talk:

How many bad days can one person have but hold no answer as to why these bad days keep happening? If laying in bed helped then ask yourself how long you had to lay there before relief was felt and also who was it that walked in the front door and their very presence alone brought enough comfort that allowed you to get up and get moving even though the pain had not subsided? Did you catch that? Someone came home and their very presence was enough to get you out of bed. Why was this person worth the effort you made but you couldn’t make the same effort for yourself ?  I will tell you why…

Your focus was solely on yourself, (Your pain, trauma, mistreatment, words spoken in hate towards you, neglect, abandonment, unhappiness, loneliness  and all the other horrible things we could mention on here but hold no time to get into.) The person who walked in the room, you could clearly see they needed you more than you needed them at the moment which was all it took to get you up. This means your focus shifted off yourself and onto the person in front of you. (this has love written all over it and screams you care.)

Some of you have made the comment, “I’d give anything to not feel this way anymore, I’m tired of this  pain. I’m missing out on life .”

If that is so, please join me back here Friday and find out how to live instead of just existing. Too many people are simply existing instead of truly living.  (If you are afraid of missing Friday’s post just sign up with your email to be notified of each new one I put out. )

When your focus is not where it should be the body tends to follow… None of us were meant to spend most of our time  laying down, just waiting… You hold a great purpose in this life. We all do,  but existing is not fulfilling purpose; it is merely avoiding it…Hope to have you join me on Friday.


Robin Worgull

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