Who’s standards are you governed by?

Do you keep comparing your life to others? Why? Do you think if you succeed with man’s standards that you gain acceptance? Too many people are comparing their job, title, car, bank account, home and family to other people around them; in an attempt to be accepted or approved of by society.  Yet, in 2 Corinthians 10:12 it reminds us not to compare ourselves to others as it is not wise. Then if you go over to Luke 16:15 we are told that what is highly esteemed among men is hated in the sight of God.

A day is coming that every one of us will give an account of ourselves to God. (Romans 14:12) With that being said, what account will you have to give if you are striving to meet society’s standards instead of upholding God’s standards?  Look, I get it. It is easy to get wrapped up in what society thinks is acceptable. Yet, anytime we go along with what society deems acceptable; then God’s word gets pushed aside and placed on a lower standard, while man’s standards become a sought after challenge that must be met; in order to “feel” accomplished or accepted by others…

God’s standards and man’s standards are measured quite differently.  God always was, is and will be;  which means God is not a God of time,  even though he is an on time God. (Hebrews 13:8 )  To where man is governed by time. Time to man is money made or money lost which is power held or powerless… God expects us to live by His standards and uphold righteous living. Man’s standards often toss morals aside so people can live as they want too without rules, restrictions or having to hear the word, “no”. ( Sometimes no is exactly what we need to hear.)  Man’s standards promote people to reason by emotions, in order to justify the reason as to why they did something… Yet, God tells us to hold our thoughts captive for a time to discern where that thought came from and to cast down imaginations that go against his word. ( 2 Corinthians 10:5)

If you notice, we have more people openly offended than we ever have in times past. Certain comments are no longer deemed acceptable, due to hurt feelings.  Which means we are walking on eggshells as to not offend; as offending someone may lead to a trip to court… I was brought up to use my manners and part of using them was to respond with “Yes Ma’am and Yes sir”, but now that is considered rude and hurtful because I assumed someone’s gender… Prayer offends in public squares which is why God has been removed from Government and schools to prevent offending someone…  (Well, I am offended He was removed.)  In our colleges we are offered nap areas, coloring areas, therapy dogs,  snacks and safe areas to talk about our hurt feelings or to reduce our stress levels… In my opinion, this is teaching young people to hold an entitled mentality and to expect something as if it were owed to them, instead of working hard for it like the rest of us did… (When I’m stressed, I pray and I let it go because the Lord will care for my needs.) Why are we teaching our young people to circumvent their way out of responsibility?

Whenever we trade God’s standards for man’s ; we start seeing things fall apart.  We can see this going on right now. Marriages and homes are broken, children are being raised more by society because parents are  too busy to be involved in their children’s activities, until authorities are involved… People begin living under clouds of despair because they place more weight on their emotions,  than on logic. Logic tells us change the cycle if you want a different outcome…

Children need to see someone in authority in order to better understand what is acceptable to do or not do. We as adults need that as well, and a standard of living, submitting to a higher deity than ourselves. We don’t answer to man according to scripture, then why do we try to meet man’s standards?  Does man’s approval determine your moral compass? See, because anything built up apart from God will in time come crashing down… This includes our home, marriage, family, finances, relationships and any self esteem or confidence we may have left…( The very things that made you feel accepted can be gone at any given moment… Remember, man is governed by the God of this world found in John 10:10 who is out to steal, kill and destroy.)

Sometimes, we become our worst stumbling block when we trade God’s standards for man’s… Those of you  who avoided simple instructions may have made life more complicated than it had to be… It is not to late to live under God’s rule instead of man’s…

Blessings my friends,

Robin Worgull

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