Day: December 9, 2017

There’s no comparison:

Are you comparing your life to the life of other’s?  Lord knows I have a few times… It is something we tend to do trying to make sense out of our situations. Almost, like we are looking for a profound reason for the struggle itself… Why? Maybe we think coping might be easier if a profound reason were attached. Sometimes we complicate our situation even further when we begin comparing ourselves to others. We either tear ourselves down or tear someone else down…

Our eyes may see similar circumstances but our perspective regarding the situation itself may differ greatly. This means, we can take two people with the same situation but find it affected them differently. ( One handled it with ease while the other struggled.) One might ask the questions… ” How can the same situation affect two people differently? How can one’s outlook or perspective be so opposite from the other?”   To answer these questions we must look from a different angle as to why this happens…

Each of us hold a unique upbringing. Our young eyes were exposed to a variety  of things going on in the environment we were brought up in… That environment   held experiences that shaped our way of thinking. Those experiences also helped develop our beliefs in the areas of ourselves, others and how things should be or should not be.  It shaped our morals carried, but also shaped our character.  Some of us are sensitive and some of us are bold.  Some of us are self confident and others of us hold no confidence.

Each of us took our own reality or way of thinking from our childhood. Our reality is how we perceive what our eyes are seeing.

We tend to respond to circumstances  not for how they actually are;  but rather more on how we are. ( Meaning are we okay emotionally, physically and spiritually or do we still carry unresolved pain from our past?) See, we tend to form judgments about situations according to our own beliefs which were formed by our past experiences… These experiences shaped our perspective on life. Our perspective or way of thinking determines how we respond to situations.

It isn’t until we are faced with a situation that we truly realize what perspective we actually hold on life. Some of us have become disabled by the mere thought of a struggle let alone actually enduring one. While others are fearless , making life look easy. Some can take a hit in life and come back stronger;  while others take a hit and refuse to get back in the game… Those of you reading who feel defeated through life time and time again, my encouragement is to claim truths in your thinking. Truths that are found in Philippians 4:8.  ( Things that are true, honest,just,pure, lovely, of good report or hold virtue.)   This is so important,  simply because Proverbs 23:7 reminds us that the way we think… is how we are.


Robin Worgull