Day: November 29, 2017

Assault on the mind:

Do you still feel consumed by that reoccurring thought? You know the one I’m referring too, the one that no matter what you do to distract yourself the thought never leaves…

Do you understand the magnitude of stress that thought is producing in your body? (We have 640 muscles in our body and stress will tense them.)  If that thought that keeps reoccurring is not dealt with; then you will have difficulty relaxing or even quieting your mind. This leads to feeling moody, frustrated, easily agitated and being overly sensitive. Once that sets in, you are headed towards feeling overwhelmed and feeling as if you are losing control or even feeling you need to take control over something or someone… If this continues, you may begin feeling depressed,which easily can lower your self esteem, cause feelings of worthlessness and loneliness due to avoiding any and everyone. Within a short time, the physical problems arrive due to the amount of stress a thought produced in your body.  ( Physical problems such as lack of energy, headache, aches, pains, sore muscles, chest pain or tightness of chest, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia just to list a few…)

How is it that one reoccurring thought  could cause all that was just listed,  plus constant worry, racing thoughts, lack of focus, forgetfulness, loss of appetite, procrastination, seclusion, increased use of numbing substances such as alcohol or drugs, fidgeting, pacing the floor, or nervous behavior such as shaking or rambling of speech?

What you are dealing with is called “an assault on the mind”.   Yet, that assault is clearly seen in you physically due to the emotional stress it caused.   An assault on the mind explained in simple terms means, the devil used someone you trusted to say or do something mean so negative thoughts were the focus of your thinking… (See, negative thoughts produce negative feelings;  which produce negative actions seen in our behavior.)

It comes down to… you are behaving the way you are thinking.  Proverbs 23:7

There are some thoughts we should never entertain. Why?  So, entertaining certain thoughts especially negative ones, has us becoming the devil’s ultimate entertainment… Yes, he’s laughing out loud watching us suffer emotionally and physically…

We are making the mistake of being hurt or angry by those closest to us when in truth they were only a weapon used by the enemy himself to cause an assault on the mind… Get up, the battle is not over.  Fight to keep your mind, otherwise that’s the area you will continue to be defeated in.  If your mind can be defeated, so can your body… The quickest way to defeat someone is to attack in their mind because what the mind thinks the body does… Don’t allow yourself to be the devil’s entertainment any longer…


Robin Worgull