Day: November 15, 2017

What is stopping you?

Some of you reading have allowed the opinions of others to prevent you from using the special gift you were given by the Lord. A gift from the Lord is something we should never dismiss or play down simply because others don’t recognize it… Some people may mock you or falsely accuse you in an attempt to discourage you from using it. They may question you, judge you  and even try to tear you down with words or actions.  They resist what they don’t understand.

Society does not always agree praying is a gift. Yet to the one who is being prayed for it can feel like the greatest gift. Encouragement is a gift to the one who has lost hope. Music is a gift to the person who seeks healing  psychopsysiologically.  Teaching is a gift to those who appreciate knowledge. Gentleness is a gift to the person who has been mistreated. Hospitality is a gift to someone who has never felt welcomed. Listening is a gift to the person who never felt heard. Acknowledgment is a gift to those who feel rejected.

As you can see, gifts come in all different forms. Some people are gifted cooks, bakers, sewers,  organizers,counselors, doctors, preachers, writers, entertainers,singers, musicians, teachers, coaches, wood workers, prayer warriors, encouragers,  listeners, caregivers,   painters, dancers, etc…

Whatever gift you hold from the Lord is a gift needing to be used. If you are waiting on the approval of others around you before using that gift; then some people are missing out on being blessed by a gift you hold… Those people who don’t recognize or appreciate your gift, may not be the people God wanted your gift to bless… See, your gift was given to bless others.  (1 Peter 4:10)   They can’t be blessed if opinions of others stopped you from using it.  You may enjoy your gift but your gift was not meant to bless you,  as the scripture states it was meant to bless others.  God will send other people into your life to bless you with the gifts He gave them.

Imagine who is missing out on a blessing because you have kept your gift from the Lord, all to yourself…


Robin Worgull