Day: November 10, 2017

Emotional Strongholds:

An emotional stronghold is exactly what it sounds like. It’s where emotions take a strong hold on you. I describe it as  being gripped by emotional pain that keeps squeezing tighter and tighter. Nothing you do seems to shake off the hold that keeps you in constant emotional conflict. To be in constant emotional conflict causes you to question everything you believed about yourself or others and you try to make sense of  something that simply makes no sense.  You keep turning in circles getting no where. You remain stuck in emotional pain that eventually turns to physical pain and fatigue combined. You seek understanding and help regaining your focus but there are so many emotions going on within you that your words keep being repeated. People can see your tears fall but you have become so emotional that the words coming out are hard to understand. Most of us who have found ourselves in this type of pain wanted to throw our hands up in the air and give up but something deep inside us said “keep going it will get better.”

Emotions are attached to our thoughts. This means when we think on something; an emotion which is housed in the heart is triggered and then released. Now, only one thought can dominate our mind at a time but that one thought can trigger many emotions. This is where we become emotionally unstable. This means that depending on how long we entertain that thought in our mind  is the determining factor of how many emotions are triggered and then released… Once our emotions are released  they can be seen in our actions and heard in our words spoken.

Love is a powerful emotion  but it is also a commitment. So here you can feel something but also are required to do something. This means words spoken in love must be put into action in order for them to hold weight or truth.  Love is so powerful when felt that it can motivate us or it can disable us. For those of us who love someone that is kind and gentle we feel a surge of motivation to  continue chasing that high or euphoric feeling love creates. The commitment is solid and words were backed by matching actions. To those of us who love someone who has been less than kind can feel disabled. This means  harsh words spoken were matched by harsh actions. This is where emotional strongholds can take root (which choke out the desire to continue moving forward) which is why a person feels disabled by words that matched actions.

Emotional strongholds start out as thoughts that were pondered on over and over that eventually took an emotional hold on us. This means we may have thought on a past conversation or a hurtful comment so many times that this thought took hold in our mind which took hold in us emotionally and kept us feeling the raw pain repeatedly until the pain was so great it consumed us. It wasn’t like we wanted to think on past hurts but we entertained the hurt for so long in our mind and heart;  that the hurt took hold of us instead of us taking hold of it… Each time our thoughts return to those times whether they were good times or painful times we become emotional all over again. That is our first indication we have strongholds that need to be prayed away because they have a tighter grip on us than we have on them.

Logic tells us that people who are suppose to love us are not suppose to hurt us. Yet experience tells us we are hurt by those we love the most.  Wisdom screams, ” quit giving consideration to hurtful words spoken or hurtful actions of mistreatment  by people who are hurting.”


Robin Worgull