Day: October 27, 2017

Do you need answers?

Sometimes the answer appears when the right question is asked.

Some of you reading are seeking answers on which direction to take. The answers are closer than you think. They are so close that it reminds me of the saying, “if it were a snake it would have bit me”. That’s how close some of you have gotten to the answers of the questions you were in prayer about.  See, the Lord hears our prayers but expects us to go to the answers…

James 1:3-6 is our reminder that through every trial we face, our faith is producing patience. Patience is needed for the Lord to work in us. We are told if we lack wisdom to ask for it and it will be given to us generously. It also reminds us that we must ask in faith, wavering on nothing.

The Lord speaks to his people two ways, through prayer and His Word. Each prayer you prayed was heard and answered… It is our responsibility to go to the answer given.  Some of you reading need clarification:  If you prayed believing and are seeking answers for anything such as guidance, help, comfort, healing, understanding, resolution etc.; your answer to your prayer resides in His Word. Again, it is up to us to find the answer given.

When we read the Word of God it comes to life in us. Anything we read was intended for us to apply to ourselves not apply it to others. Your answer will be highlighted when you come across it. Not highlighted in the same manner a student would use a colored highlighter to mark something… No, your answer will magnify itself when you come across it. Almost like it is jumping off the page towards you.

If you are not getting answers then you are not looking at the scriptures long enough. Everything you read holds an answer for you. This means if you truly seek answers you must do more than read God’s word you must meditate on it and keep reading it over and over  until your answer magnifies itself.   You also can take what you read to the Lord in prayer and ask him to reveal to you what it is he wants you to know on these  particular scriptures.

One way to know if you have spent enough time on a certain scripture or set of scriptures is when you see your reflection in that scripture. This means when you can see yourself in the scriptures you read, the transformation has begun in you. You not only will get answers in the scriptures but you also will receive character changes within you that God did during his transformation in you. If there is no transformation or major changes in you; then you didn’t spend enough focused uninterrupted time on His Word.

His word speaks directly to you. He may show you where sin is present in your life that he wants cleaned up .  Sin prevents blessings. He may show you character flaws that need polishing or repairs. Our character flaws sometimes are a cause to relationships failures. He may show you how a prior sin effected your present situation. This allows us to repent , turn away and make right if we caused hurt to others because of it.  He may show you where he disapproves of an area in your life.  Again, this would allow repentance, turning away and returning back to his umbrella of protection you use to be under.  All the things he reveals to us are truths about how he sees us, how he wants us to be, or how we have become…  ( It is important to see ourselves how the Lord sees us because when he allows us to see our true reflection in His word, we get to see how other people see us as well.  I see it as an opportunity to make right before it’s too late and to repent  while allowing him to do a complete transformation in me.)  Without seeing our true reflection, there is no transformation… See, transformation won’t be noticed until our true reflection is seen  and without God’s word highlighting our true reflection we walk around with blinders questioning why life is so hard at every turn. This means when we finally see our reflection or ourselves for who and how we truly are through God’s word; is when we start seeing how some things that bothered us before no  longer bother us. Things that took priority before  won’t get first place. People and comments or opinions won’t affect us because we were allowed to see the truth about us and given the opportunity to accept change in us. We must allow the Lord to make the changes in us by accepting the truth of the reflection he allowed us to see. I can tell you my reflection  differs than the reflection of my bathroom mirror. God’s word allow us to see ourselves as he sees us and sometimes it is wonderful and other times it’s hard to swallow.

Your reflection  is your biggest answer needed. If you seek answers pray and ask the Lord to take you to them in His Word and magnify them so your reflection is seen.


Robin Worgull