Day: October 20, 2017

Angels are everywhere…

Many people have spoke of angel encounters during times of sickness or during times of danger… I personally believe in angels and believe they are everywhere. I use to collect angel figurines years ago as the beauty of someone’s  idea of the appearance of angels; brought tears to my eyes.  I could look at one of my figurines and be in absolute awe of what I was looking at.  Yet, I questioned where people got their artistic ideas in order to mold then paint such a beautiful piece… I think many of us picture angels to be dressed in white, huge wings and a beautiful face.  Today, I take time to share with you Biblical truths of angels…

Psalm 91:13 is our reminder that the Lord’s angels serve as messengers and agents of his power outside the sanctuary.  More specifically , they hold divine power including the ability to protect the Lord’s people from harm. For those of you who would like to conduct your own study I recommend these scriptures.  ( Luke 22:43,  Psalm 34:7, Psalm 91:11-13,  Psalm 103:20, Genesis 19:10-11, Genesis 24:40, Isaiah 63:90, Daniel 3:28  These will help starting out but I also include more during this post, so please remember to go back and look them all up.)

Hebrews 13:1-2 is our reminder to be kind to strangers as some of us have entertained angels and never knew.  Haven’t you ever spoke to someone in public and after speaking with them you questioned all day if they were an angel?  I have on numerous occasions and each time I had to giggle because they looked like an average normal person but their presence was more of a Holy presence. Yet, in Genesis 19 we are told how angels can take on human form at God’s will.

Hebrew 12:22 And Daniel 7:10 remind us that the number of angels fighting for us and protecting us is in the ten thousand times ten thousand range. It is easier to just say, uncountable. What fascinates me is what I learned in Mathew 18:10 and Luke 22:43  which is how those who accepted Christ as their  personal Savior hold assigned  angels who are to protect us and  help care for us.  This means we each hold assigned angels who have access to the heavenly throne and constantly present our needs to God. To go a step further, Psalm 103:21 Reminds us that the Lord holds a host of ministers. This means an army of divine beings (angels) who dwell with the Lord and serve him… This allows us to take great comfort to know our assigned angels have access to the throne of God and also make up part of the  uncountable number of divine beings doing the Lord’s work. Who better to keep a watch or hand of protection on us than who the Lord himself sent ?  Angels  are messengers and agents of the Lord so they do anything God wills them to do… (Some of you are exhausting your guardian angels as you keep slipping  back into sinful ways…I say that joking but truthfully, I can imagine we keep the assigned angels pretty busy. )   Psalm 34:7 is our reminder that the angels encamp themselves around us and deliver us from harms way.  Did you know that God sent an angel to Jesus to strengthen him during his hunger and fatigue?  Yes, you can look it up and see in Luke 22:43.  Did you know that when you die an angel carries you into the presence of God? Luke 16:22 speaks of the angel of the Lord carrying the deceased man into Abraham’s bosom.

There is not enough room or time on here to keep going at the speed I would love to go on and continue discussing this but  before I end this post let’s see what angels look like…

Hebrews 1:14 says they are spiritual beings. Genesis 19 says they can take on human form at God’s will. Daniel 10:5-6 gives a vivid description of angels when he said a face as a lightning bolt, eyes as flaming torches of fire, arms and legs as gleaming polished chrome, and a voice as thunder.  Mathew 28:4 gives a different description which is an appearance as lightning and clothes white as snow.   In Genesis  3:24 Daniel said the angels were too many to count , as there were thousands upon thousands. Did I mention there are different ranks of angels as well?  We don’t have time to get into all the ranks but I have to tell you about the  seraphim angels. These angels cover the throne in Heaven. They have six wings that hover  over the throne of God. Two of those six wings covers the angels face because God is to Holy to look upon Isaiah 6:2. Another set of wings cover their feet due to standing on Holy Ground Exodus 3:5  and Joshua 5:15.

I end this post with thoughts to ponder on… How many times did you get a phone call out of the blue at the exact moment you needed it giving you the news you really needed to hear? Did you ever need help but knew help was no where to be found and by the grace of God help shows up out of nowhere? What about the day you need gas money but are so broke you are about to ask mom for gas money and you find a 20 dollar bill at the bottom of your purse or wallet?  Who was that person who brought comfort to you in the hospital that you spoke with, prayed with but was told by staff that person didn’t exist?

There are angels all around us that protect us and care for us but under the guidance of God and His will…  Many of you have spoke with angels and never knew… May you all have a beautiful, love filled weekend!


Robin Worgull