Day: October 18, 2017

What makes a person treat others poorly?

I think it is fair to say at one time or another we all have been mistreated. We may even have returned mistreatment out of defense or anger. Normally people who treat others poorly either hold negative thoughts and little hope or are trying to gain something they want by the behavior they offer.

People who use manipulation tend to want control. Those that use silent treatment want others to know words or actions hurt them. Those that scream demand to be heard. Those that are overly affectionate, nurturing and attentive seek approval or affirmation. Those who are secretive in behavior demand to not be exposed. Those that lie tend to not want to disappoint. Those that use name calling , profanity or derogatory comments intend to hurt someone deeply.

For people to use manipulation, silent treatment, screaming, secretive behavior, lies, cursing,  or name calling; are people who are not emotionally stable. This means their emotions are high then low, hot then cold… They are consumed with negativity, disappointment and possibly even emotional scarring or pain. Unfortunately anyone in their path of destruction may believe they are the cause of such anger held;  due to how they were treated by someone they simply were trying to love.  They are rejected at every turn. This can mean their love rejected, lack of inclusion on  family activities or treated so cold and callously with no regard to the impact it made on someone who was undeserving of this treatment.  One must ask the question… “How do you find yourself in the wrong place at the right time everyday?”  ( You can’t… See, these people have loaded their minds with such negativity and sin that it is expressed in their words and actions daily.)   With that being said, this alleviates you from being the root cause of their upset, even though their words and actions want you to believe otherwise.

The negativity they carry may or may not have been pushed on them since a young age but as an adult their strongholds and own sins grew  into full fermentation. They carry a restlessness within them that keeps them in turmoil. They seek peace but find unrest. They seek a calm but their thoughts won’t quiet. This causes them to become more and more agitated and causing their emotions to boil over and spew out like venom in attack position. They tend to see others as their primary problem before considering the problem lies within themselves…

These type of people are difficult to be around. There’s no winning, no resolution, no logic. Just circles of chaos, hurt, upset and continuous mistreatment.  My encouragement to those of you who are or have endured this behavior of mistreatment, don’t take their words or actions personally. Don’t take their words as truths about who you are and don’t think you hold enough love to change their behavior towards you. Only God can work on the hearts of people.  These people tend to deliver pain because of how much pain they carry…

Some of you reading may be questioning why controlling what we load into our minds is so important. The answer is simple… Because your thoughts eventually become your actions or behavior. This means if you load your mind with negative thoughts your behavior will follow suit. If you load your mind with hate your behavior will be hateful. If you load your mind with good your behavior is  good. If you load your mind with sin your behavior will expose your sinful ways.

There are some people who find themselves all alone in this life and fail to recognize their behavior was no longer tolerated by those around them.

If you have wronged those around you, now is the time to make right and to turn away from this destructive behavior as I don’t believe this is the “expected end” God holds for you as a believer… Jeremiah 29:11


Robin Worgull