Do you seek truth or prefer being mislead?

Many of us ask others to be truthful but when the truth hurts, we are offended. When the truth contradicts our own beliefs on how we believe someone or something should be we become disappointed. If someone is being truthful, we often may question if it was truthful or not simply because of the source of where they got their information. If someone gathered their truths from an unreliable source such as an unreliable website then their truths may not be truths but rather really great lies; that held part truth and part lie.  If you offer someone part truth/ part lie it still equals a lie…

Many times if we trust the source we tend to believe the message.

If I had to pick where I felt truth was most important I would pick relationships.  My relationship with the Lord keeps me walking in truth, living truthfully, speaking truthfully and continuously seeking truth.  The Lord knows the intentions of my heart so who am I to think I can hide anything from him? I can’t…

In marriages it is easy to be truthful if you have nothing to hide… See, without truth a marriage lacks stability. This means if you can’t trust your spouse who can you trust? This is the person who made a promise to walk together with you, love you , care for you and be there as a helpmate or leader of the home. Yet, if you look at marriages today, the truth gets buried under excuses, lies, justifications, secrets, accusations and speculations. To speak truth is no longer considered honorable  but rather it offends or is ignored.  One has to question, do people seek truth or prefer to be mislead? To be mislead is to keep things as they are without interruption; but to call the truth requires the couple to change together as well as individually…

I’m a firm believer it is impossible to speak or live truthfully if you never seek truth…  John 14:6 is a reliable source if you seek truth in your life. It does you no good to seek truth, if you don’t believe it when you find it… Truth has a name and he died on the cross for our sins John 3:16.


Robin Worgull

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