If you can’t stand the heat…

We have many people trying to live life as normally as they can yet hold a void that runs deep and consumes their every thought… They are void of fulfillment. This means they are unsatisfied at each and every turn. (Unsatisfied in the home, marriage, workplace, friendships, etc.)

Whenever people feel such a void, our sinful nature taunts us to fill that void with instant relief or with things that create  self- gratification.  ( These signal “reward” receptors in our brain.)  Even though something may cause instant relief or make us feel good about ourselves, those are just temporary feelings… A distraction from the void instead of a solution to fix the void. With each distraction we allow; we unknowingly are creating a deeper void.

Some of you may be asking, “what caused the void  we hold?” To answer this question we need to take a look at Ephesians 6:10-12 which is telling us about the full armor of God. Each morning before we dress in our clothing for the day, we need to place our spiritual clothing on first. People fail to understand that the struggles we face in the physical realm we live in are actually rooted problems in the spiritual realm we can’t see… This means even though our co-worker tell us off or our mate threw a dagger in our heart, these people were simply conduits used in a battle that takes place in a realm we don’t live in and can’t see happening… Due to the fact we can’t see the battle or even the spiritual realm we assume wrongly of those around us because we reacted off of emotions. We should be looking inwardly but because of our emotions being so strong and abundant we instead focus outwardly on everyone else. This causes us to see blame in others but not in ourselves. Had we dressed properly in our dual clothing (spiritual and physical)  the arrows of mistreatment and painful accusations would have ricocheted off of us instead of piercing our hearts further…

Sometimes the void we feel is the Lord trying to grab our attention in an attempt to make adjustments in areas we need  some adjusting… Most of us don’t like when the Lord begins tugging at our hearts. We tend to ignore the Lord as long as we can while increasing our distractions to quiet the small voice that keeps getting louder… Unfortunately, with each distraction we are filling our void with everything other than what the Lord intended for us to fill up on. (Everything that doesn’t matter in the end… such as entertainment, alcohol, porn, unfaithfulness, anger, resentment, false ideas and negative thoughts that misguide our steps.)  If those are tried by fire as scripture says, those all will burn as they can’t withstand the heat…

If you are subjecting yourself to distractions over allowing the Lord to make adjustments in you; this would indicate you can’t withstand the heat either…


Robin Worgull

4 thoughts on “If you can’t stand the heat…

  1. Amen my sweet sister. ..without our armor fully and properly secured we are vulnerable to the elements of this world. Some may laugh but it is important to guard our heart and our mind from the enemy. Daily battle my sister…but greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. Dress and focus!👭❤ keep writing.

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