Day: September 15, 2017

Just be…

My life is far from perfect and holds upset at every turn. I’m married, have four children and work full time. It seems like no matter how much I do it is never enough. (I know many of you reading can relate.)

The type of work I do takes extreme study time, focus, prayer and concentration. This is not easy to do nor is it always understood.  I continue doing the Lord’s work, even though I have a plate full of responsibilities with my home and family; as this was the calling placed on my life. There is a difference between a calling and a duty. It is my duty as a wife and mother to conduct myself as a Godly woman to my  family first as I am  to be an example at all times. This requires me to be cautious how I react to upset .  It is not easy to get up and have a million demands hit you before that morning cup of coffee.  During  a day of working  and then being in the home cleaning, cooking, meeting doctor appointments, grocery shopping, homeschooling 3 children,  being a nurse, counselor, mediator, referee, teacher, gardener, and caregiver to not only my family but ailing extended family; I meet the challenge every day of staying calm and maintaining my composure… My dress up routine is hair in a bun, t-shirt, jeans and no makeup. I’m too tired to doll up , unless I absolutely must.

I make it a point everyday to wake with a smile on my face, greet my family with love, speak words of love throughout the day and keep all tension far from my home. I purposely look for the good in everyone around me and purposely treat others how I would like to be treated. I don’t hold a judging eye or ear, as I want no one to judge me. I purposely speak positive words as I am one who refuses to hold a negative attitude.  I have learned that no matter how close you walk with the Lord and stay in his Word, you are not immune to upset finding you…

I love my imperfect life and every flaw it holds. I hold little money after bills are paid but I feel rich. I don’t see some of the upset I step into because I’m too busy counting all the blessings… When you see the work around you as a blessing; then the work involved doesn’t feel like work at all…  It is Friday, some things can wait until Monday so take the weekend to “just be”…  (Let all upset go and just be in the moment as  you purposely allow yourself to enjoy every second of your imperfect life; that is filled with perfect blessings all through it.)


Robin Worgull