Day: September 8, 2017

Are you doing the things you do out of devotion to the Lord or out of desperation?

You seek to be fearless? Okay… Question, are you lifting up your situation in prayer, placing it in the hands of your maker or are you picking it up out of desperation in an attempt to see instant results? This comes down to a matter of trust… Do you trust the Lord and his word or do you trust yourself more?

People in desperate situations will claim they did something out of devotion to the Lord; when really it was done out of desperation… They will grasp at anything looking for positive results when they have reached the end of their rope. For some reason panic can have them placing their beliefs in anything in hopes of finding something that might work. That’s not faith. Faith is believing without being able to see the outcome of things prayed for…

Devotion to the Lord is the ultimate discipline. It’s where you are in with both feet wholeheartedly, not straddling the fence. There’s no hesitation, no second guessing, just 100% committed to aligning the desires of our heart with the desires the Lord holds for us.  Devotion requires total faith.

Desperation is the complete opposite. Instead of being steadfast and pushing on the boulder rock  in front of you like the Lord wants us to do; we grab a sledge hammer, jack hammer, and a bulldozer in an attempt to move the rock that’s blocking us. (The rock is a symbol for a situation or circumstance we face.) The Lord doesn’t expect us to move anything; that’s his job. We are to keep pushing even if we forget why we were told to push in the first place or don’t understand the concept of pushing and how it even applies to us. Desperation causes faith to be gone in the area you are desperate in and logic is no longer logical… It becomes us doing more of a repetitive babbling, so to speak.

Say. you are feeling anxiety or depression  over things you hold no control over, such as finances, health issues, rebellious child, marital issues, or the world events we all are seeing unfolding around us. You reach a point of being tired of being tired all the time. You pray, “Lord, please do your will in this situation, please remove my anxiousness.” With faith, you wait it out for the Lord to answer your prayer.  ( God is not a God of time; but he is an on  time God.) We are people of time and when we feel enough time has gone by and no answer is felt; we often step outside of God’s will to obtain our own will,  which is seeking positive results. This is the moment we knock on desperation’s door quite loudly.

With desperation, faith gets tossed in the wind, you rush to the doctor seeking relief from anxiety and ask to be prescribed anxiety or antidepressants prescriptions; then hyperventilate (almost) while trying to wait for the prescription to be filled. You may even spill your business to anyone willing to listen, but you fail to realize you just hindered the very prayer you prayed;  by stepping outside of God’s will to obtain instant results,  for a situation that took a long time to be created due to being devoted to those around you instead of complete devotion to the Lord… ( I’m not suggesting not seeking help for a medical situation but I am suggesting sometimes our medical situation is one we created by our own doing.)  One must ask the question, is our faith strong in the Lord or in the prescription we just took, while spilling our business to someone who may not be wise counsel?

Some of you reading are going through a difficult time in your marriage. Things did not turn out like the ideas held in your thinking. You may be praying  that the Lord show you the next step to make, while impatiently waiting for results to your prayer. If you are not seeing results then you  must ask yourself…  Did I not forgive past mistakes? Am I still holding a grudge out of fear I will be hurt or disappointed again? Am I guilty of transferring punishment on my spouse they never earned but was owed to someone before them? Did I  lean on my own understanding? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you may be guilty of trying to control a situation that got out of control. That’s not devotion to the Lord; but it is devotion to your own terms…

Many of us are guilty of going outside of God’s will in order to persuade the outcome of our prayers in our favor. Let me ask you, if you get what you prayed for, but got what you prayed for on your own process; did the Lord provide that for you or did you provide it for yourself and then complain it was not what you were wanting? Did  you do what you did out of devotion to the Lord or out of desperation in a situation you panicked in?

Desperation is going off and doing your own thing because you held no faith in that certain situation that the Lord would do what his word said he would do. This may mean you don’t truly know the lord the way you may claim to know him. My friend, if you truly knew the Lord, all doubt would dissipate in any situation you find yourself in. If you struggle with faith ask the Lord to help your disbelief.  ( Mark 9:23-24/    Mark 11:24/   Proverbs 3:5-7)

I close this post with this…  Mathew 28:18  ” And Jesus came and spake unto them saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and  in earth.”                                                                    Do you believe what Jesus said? Does he hold all power in heaven and in earth? If you truly believe he does, then quit trying to control situations you step into. He holds the power you need;  for the situations that render you ,  powerless…


Robin Worgull