Lesson 5 Negative thoughts about ourselves creates a negative view of life around us:

Some of you reading may hold private thoughts about yourself that keep you in a constant state of doubt. It may be that you doubt your self-worth, abilities to cope in stressful situations, in decision making, in relationships, or in most aspects of you life.  (This may be causing  depression, fears, anxiety, or added stress.)

Most of the time, negative thoughts determine how we view ourselves; which in turn shapes our view of life around us. There was something initially that shaped our negative view of ourselves…  Maybe you were around someone who routinely pointed out what they saw as flaws in you. You may have internalized their opinion as your view.  You may have been in an environment where positive was dismissed while negativity was encouraged. Whatever you were exposed too repeatedly that  held negativity may have impacted you emotionally and possibly even physically.

Negative thoughts trigger negative emotions which trigger negative actions. Negative emotions cause us to grow weary quickly. We feel tired or fatigue. We lose sleep when we find ourselves unable to quit rehashing past conversations or past treatment that only become  confirmation or reinforce  what we already felt about ourselves. We normally feel what we repeatedly hear negative about us. If we heard it once we could dismiss it but to hear it routinely has us believing  someone’s opinions as truths of who we are. This in turn causes us to  become angry at those who see us differently than how we originally saw ourselves. An aggression begins to grow in us but in time will lead to an eruption of anger directed at those we blame as the cause of it.  This means that one seed of negativity can grow into something much bigger if it takes root in us.

Proverbs 23:7 Reminds us that the way we think is how we are. (Whatever you are thinking on can become your truth which will lead to how you respond to whatever you are thinking on.)

If you think you were blamed for bad things that happened in your life, you may still blame yourself when bad things happen. See, your thoughts tend to become automatic actions… If you were made to feel guilty for something you held no part in then you may still feel guilty when things happen that you took no part in. Guilt is one of those emotions that can disable us from wanting to continue trying. Unknowingly, your negative thoughts held; begin to magnify or enlarge negative around you which in turn has you dismissing the positive around you. (This means you will see negative before noticing positive.)

A negative view of yourself is a stress on the mind and body that must be removed. See, we all are exposed to stress throughout life… We must take a hold of stress before stress takes a hold on us. The moment we gave weight to other people’s opinions of ourselves is the moment negativity took root in us. This means we stopped believing the truth of who we were due to the persuasion of how someone else saw us. (Who said their opinion was accurate? Depending on what emotion someone feels at the moment can determine an ugly opinion. Opinions are constant but rarely accurate.)

Anytime we place too much weight on what others think,  we begin trying to meet standards they place on us. It is impossible to please everyone around us or try to change a predetermined opinion of us… Most people who hold predetermined opinions of us have heard something negative about us from someone negative they spent time with. Now, anytime we hear negative it is like placing an image of how something or someone is in a compartment in our thinking. ( It is all we have to go on at the moment, yet to think on it further creates assumptions or speculations. This means our thinking creates someone or something to be much different than how it truly is.)  With that being said, it is so important to not partake in gossip because of the lasting damage gossip can cause. Not only does it damage our thinking about ourselves but it also damages how we may view others.

If you are someone who holds a negative view of yourself then please join me back here tomorrow as I discuss complications with expectations… It is my prayer that after reading today’s post and tomorrow’s post; that you begin holding a different view of yourself. I personally see people as a gift to others and believe you are a gift to those around you…


Robin Worgull

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