Month: September 2017

Conditional or unconditional love held?

Many marriages are failing… One has to ask the question… Is the “marriage” failing or are the two “people” in the marriage failing?

A marriage consists of two people who joined together in a union before God and witnesses. The union consisted of vows being made. In the vows there’s a part that states “till death do us part”.

What we are witnessing instead is “until pride do us part.”

Anytime conditions are placed on the love we are willing to give; a tolerance limit is given as well.  This means people are willing to continue loving a person as long as all conditions of their love is met.

Now marriages are beginning to look like this below:

“My love will be patient until my spouse is unkind, rude, proud, self seeking, easily angered, enjoys sinning, keeps record of my wrongs, or until my spouse begins bragging. At my limit of tolerance, I no longer will protect or trust my spouse, nor will my love hold hope or persevere any longer… Until no more tolerance do we part.”

The law states we must be a certain age before we qualify to enter into a marriage. This age qualifies us as mature enough to handle the responsibilities of the union we enter into.

1 Corinthians 13:11 Reminds us that when we were a child we spoke as a child but when we became adults we put our childish ways aside.

If you are known to place conditions on the love you are willing to offer in your marriage; then you clearly are not familiar with mature  love found in  1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

There is a level of maturity needed in order to hold unconditional love for your spouse. It does not matter if we are 18 years old or 100 years old, childish behavior lacks maturity. If you are prone to be upset over your marriage, it may be time to take a look within and self examine to see if you are blaming your spouse for the same things you are guilty of. Sometimes we forget that our love offered or withheld; speaks volumes about our true character. Philippians 1:9


Robin Worgull

Lord, how do you see me?

In the past when someone would give me a compliment, I was quick to dismiss it and throw out a flaw about myself. I was determined to mention the flaw before they had the opportunity to point it out first…I had very low self-esteem and little confidence.

The truth is, when people don’t believe a compliment it is because they either don’t feel it is true  or they have heard so much negative about themselves that they tend to lean on the belief that the person saying something kind holds cruel intentions.  It almost becomes a knee jerk reaction  to  be on guard and hold people suspect;   over just accepting the compliment and being appreciative of some kind words.

Normally if people tend to not take compliments well it could be because they have heard negative comments over a period of time. Almost as if trusted people in their circle have placed unfair labels on them out of opinions held. If the people  holding opinions were critical of others then the opinions must have been brutal to the one on the receiving end.  This can create a hostile relationship not to mention resentment and anger . It also can become a stronghold if  it is not laid down at the Lord’s feet… See, what we don’t lay down we tend to hold onto. Unfortunately, the things we hang onto are not always healthy for us later on.

Those who hold low self-esteem or lack confidence are the ones who gave more weight to opinions said about them than truths known about them. They don’t know how to get away from thinking such negative thoughts about themselves that they actually begin speaking negatively about themselves. Why? They believe the lies spoken and the lies become their truths and their truths become their words. (In the end, it still equates to lies.)

If you or someone you know is constantly speaking negative about themselves; I encourage you to ask the Lord how He sees you… I also encourage you to look up Philippians  4:7 “And the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and mind through Christ Jesus.”

See, God will guard our hearts and minds. (Literally)  So if the devil tries using a negative person to send an emotional assault  our way; God will block it and redirect it away from our hearts and minds. When I began claiming that scripture daily, the Lord began showing me how He saw me… These days I see myself much differently than in years past. He has shown me that the woman I am in His eyes,  is nothing like the labels others tried to place on me… When speaking of yourself speak truths only…


Robin Worgull

Why Lord, why?

Many of us have things going on in our lives that we don’t understand why it is happening or has happened. All we know, is how bad we want the situation resolved and behind us. No matter what we do to make the situation go away, it just doesn’t.  So what  do you do when there is nothing more you can do?  

Down below, you are about to read a fictitious conversation between the Lord and a man.  As you read it try to remember we all do this at one time or another with the Lord.

Man:  Lord, Lord, where are you? I need you so bad right now.

Lord: Child, I’m right here.

Man: Lord, my life is a mess. Some of the mess I created by disobeying you and other messes were brought to me.  My wife is so unhappy with me and I fear she is going to leave me. My boss is telling me to get my act together or I’m out of a job. My children won’t listen and my bank account is draining quickly. To add to everything else I’m sick Lord, and now need medical attention I can’t afford and will have to miss work to receive.  I don’t know how to change any of this but it is taking me to the edge of the cliff. Lord, please help me…

Lord:  Child, go to the mountains and find a huge boulder rock. I want you to stand in front of it and begin pushing as hard as you can , until I tell you to stop.

( The man didn’t understand the point of this but was so desperate he did as he was told…. After pushing for 3 hours he speaks again.)

Man: Lord, where are you?

Lord: Child, I’m here.

Man:  Did you not see me pushing with all my might for the past 3 hours?

Lord: Child, I saw.

Man: Lord, this is ridiculous! How long am I suppose to  do this? My arms, shoulders, legs and back are hurting.

(Silence…………………………… 2 more days go by…………..)

Man:  Lord, Lord, I’m weak. (Tears streaming down his eyes) I don’t understand the point. You were suppose to help me.  Lord, I can’t move the rock.

Lord:   Child, your mind holds limited understanding. I did help you. Just because you couldn’t see what I was doing doesn’t mean I did nothing. You are angry because you lack understanding and because you couldn’t move the rock. I never told you to move it, I told you to push as hard as you could.

Man: Why Lord, why?  (As he sobs)

Lord: Child,  while you were pushing I was strengthening your body and restoring your health. I needed you to be far away from your wife, family and boss  so I could work on their hearts. Just because you didn’t see me you thought I was doing nothing. Child, where’s your faith? Your job was to  keep pushing while my job was to begin moving. That rock was bigger than you and too heavy to move on your own strength which is why I told you to push on it.  The things going on in your life are no different than the rock in front of you. They are too big to move on your own strength. Your obedience to keep pushing allowed me to begin moving my hand of might in all areas of your life. Now, return home and keep pushing  and I will continue moving my hand of might in your life.  Child, I also want you to quit expecting to understand everything around you. Not everything is meant for you to understand. Put your faith in me and just keep pushing….

Hebrews 11:1  “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.”

Blessings to each of you,

Robin Worgull