Day: August 16, 2017

Fearless Lesson 2 : What goes in must come out

Self discipline as discussed last week is impossible if we straddle the fence. To straddle the fence means to keep one foot in the flesh (world) and to keep one foot in the spirit (biblical principles).

To obtain true self discipline in  mind, body and soul we don’t have the option of straddling the fence. To try to walk in the spirit and the flesh only causes a person to war within themselves… Anytime we war within, this means we battle within ourselves between partaking in things that are right or wrong. We are suppose to walk upright within the boundaries of biblical principles; not keeping our feet in the world and enjoying what it offers. It’s both feet in  not one foot in flesh and one foot in spirit.

Let me explain something… Light and darkness can not exist in the same room. A flicker of a candle,   lights one section of a dark room but a room full of light holds no darkness within it… Now, think of yourself as the room. Are you full of light or full of darkness?

See, what goes in must come out. If we fill ourselves full of God’s word and walk within the boundaries he set for us; he equips us with the ability to hold our heads up high and walk fearlessly.

If we fill ourselves with what the world offers which is darkness, upset, sorrow, hopelessness, and wickedness then we fall defeated to the very thing that once enticed us to take part in. Did you catch that?  We were enticed to partake in something intended to destroy us. How are we enticed to something so dark?  (When we were enticed it was because the devil offered something that appeared good or fun or exciting not dangerous.)

The world is a fallen world we live in with fallen people who have fallen away from God and lead by a fallen angel. The world does not hold goodness it holds pain, sickness (both physically and psychologically). It holds wickedness and sorrow. People become enticed to take part in it because when the devil offers a part of the world he doesn’t let the person see the danger that lies ahead;  because they are captivated by the beauty of what he made something appear to be.

Examples:   Take the man who lacks closeness and intimacy with his wife; the devil leads him to a site of naked women who are interested in his viewing and attention they receive from him. His wife feels betrayed, trust is lost and guilt and shame set in. He went from lonely to complete despair in a short time off of something that appeared might help him in his situation.

Take the woman who is trying to balance home, family, kids, husband and work but fatigue sets in. She is offered something by her doctor to reduce fatigue but instead of limiting herself to his instructions she takes more than allowed on the days she must be superwoman. Her fatigue is gone and her energy is increased but instead of being relieved she is angry as she sees her family as the cause of her fatigue and upset. Her desire to care from them is gone as she is too busy looking for a lifestyle that suits her better than the one she was blessed with.

Take the person struggling financially who prays faithfully that God increases their pay or supplements it… A job offer comes through but little do they know the devil intends to use this job to harm them either physically or further financially.

The devil uses openings we allow him and will present something that appears fun, exciting, good or beneficial to us; but doesn’t allow us to see the hidden dangers of  accepting whatever he offered. Look how many people have been defeated by addictions… We have people who took a drink to calm themselves and never stopped. It destroyed their behavior and ability to function as God intended. We have people who used a drug to get through a college exam but ended up leaving college because the addiction took up all their time and money. We have people who kept the wrong company and chose to try a drug offered and spiraled downhill for years and still today fight the urge to return to that drug. When the thoughts presented themselves to these people the dangers were disguised…The help of whatever was ingested was more prevalent than the danger itself…

Self discipline is mandatory to obtaining being a person who is fearless.  Walking in the spirit allows us to self discipline much easier as we all need to remember it took a long time to become fearful and it takes time for God to lead us to being fearless.

In order to hold self discipline you must decide and be predetermined to walk in the spirit only.  (No straddling the fence.)

You must filter what your five senses are exposed too. (Touch, taste, sight, hearing and smelling) If you filter properly then let no part of you touch ungodliness. Don’t taste what the world offers. Keep your sights on things above not on whats around you. Stay in the word of God so you can hear the small ,still voice of God pressing directions on your heart.  Be vigilant by smelling what you are about to step into. The smell of upset and danger get stronger the closer you get to them…

Self discipline is the first step towards being fearless. you must be disciplined by filtering everything coming at you. Remember to fill yourself up with what you are wanting to come out of you. Because what goes in eventually comes out.

Some of you make the mistake of filling yourself up with darkness by what you partake in. Darkness is intended to destroy.  Right now darkness is destroying you on the inside through depression, anger, and the need to get even with those who mistreated you. You must rid yourself of the dark spirit you carry by repenting because if you are consumed by what you took in then it will come out and destroy the things you hold close. ( Family, intimacy, emotional stability, finances, health and relationships.) Once you rid yourself of darkness fill yourself with the light we as believers are meant to carry;  which is  love, peace, joy, contentment and all the other things God intended to have flow in you and through you. In order to change your habits you must change your intake…


Robin Worgull       Author of The Conflict Within  and The Right-Minded Woman