Day: August 10, 2017

Breaking Free:

Do you feel weighed down in mind and body? If so, you may be oppressed. Normally when one is oppressed they become depressed…

Oppression is when someone will use authority or power against you but in a cruel manner. The result is seen later as depression,sorrow, sadness, loss of joy, mourning, gloominess, heartsick, moping and literally down in the dumps.

When a person’s depression gets this bad it is a good indication hope is being lost or is already gone. Without hope anxiety quickly sets in… Anxiety is when we become fearful or nervous about what might happen. (not what is happening but what might happen.)

There are different forms of anxiety but let’s focus on one; which is panic. Panic is extreme fear or dread that makes someone unable to act or think normally. They become disabled by fear or dread to the degree their body goes into a panic attack. When the body is triggered by this amount of fear it responds with shaking, confusion,dizziness, pain, nausea and difficulty breathing. Let’s not forget to mention the change in heartbeat also can cause the one under the panic attack to believe they are about to experience a heart attack; which can cause more panic…

Let’s go back for a minute… Someone used authority or power over someone else in a cruel manner, which lead to them feeling weighed down in mind and body. Over time being weighed down in body and mind caused depression. The depression held such gloom that panic set in. Once panic took root, the person believed their life was in danger by what started in the mind but ended up in the entire body.

Everything we go through physically is influenced by something spiritually.  (Ephesians 6:10-12)

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Robin Worgull       Author of The Conflict Within and The Right – Minded Woman