Day: July 19, 2017

Prison of Rebellion

We have God’s people using any and every excuse for why they are breaking God’s rules in their walk, talk, marriage, family, child rearing, health, and finances. They are sitting in prisons of their own rebellion and stubbornness while pointing the finger of blame at everyone but themselves. They forget when rules are broken , consequences must be paid.

The rules God left for us to follow were boundaries we as believers were to stay within. Limits placed on us for our protection but also guidance for right living.   Luke 6:46 “And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?”

To live outside the boundaries God told us to stay within, removes His hand of protection and blessings held that he wanted us to have. Consequences for not obeying begin being seen in our health, finances, relationships, marriages, family, our children and in all areas of our lives. Things that should have been strong or things needing restoration begin to crumble. When things begin to crumble the stress involved causes health issues. Then when health is hit so are the finances. Financial issues tend to cause marital issues. Anytime the marriage is suffering the children begin to rebel.   When God is not allowed to be the head of our home; we fail to recognize how quickly the family unit begins to fail as a whole.  It takes division in the family to finally take a look  at what God’s word tells us to do.   Luke 6:49 ” But he that heareth not, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built a house upon the earth; against which the stream did beat vehemently and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great.”

As we try to keep up with the pace of life we become consumed with life itself and become incompatible with others around us. Had we not taken our eyes off God and placed on the things around us;  we probably would not have become as enemies to those we love.  Had we tried harder to stay in the boundaries God set for us;  he would have sent correction when we lost footing.

We have  God’s people who think living right means to work, buy a home, car, hold good credit and stay out of trouble. Now, humor me for a moment by answering one question. Name one thing just listed, that leaves this earth with you when you pass… (I ask this because this life holds purpose for the eternal life not the physical life we live in.  A job , money, home, car, good credit and staying out of trouble made you comfortable in the physical realm but added nothing to the heavenly realm.) This means your time on earth may have been comfortable either physically or financially but how did it increase the number of people entering God’s Kingdom in the heavenly realm?  How did your credit score help someone find salvation? How did your car get used to help the Lord while living in his creation? Did your home get used for fellowship, bible studies, prayer partners, family gatherings, dinner for the hungry, or in any other way besides arguing with your spouse,  avoiding upset or correction with your children, yelling, belittling and all the other mean things the devil wanted to happen instead? Did staying out of trouble keep your marriage from failing, your children from rebelling and your heart right with God?   Probably not… Make no mistake, it is good to work, pay bills, have a door to walk through called home, and stay out of trouble; but these things add up to no value in the grand scheme of things. You are leaving this world one day and taking nothing with you. You leave much behind but what good is a home is if your family does not want to be in it?  What good is money,  a car, or the fact you stayed out of trouble to the ones you held opportunity to leave a lasting impact on their life but chose to be busy instead? If the only legacy you leave is material things and a taste of vinegar in your family’s mouth due to your demeanor; then your time on earth may have been misused…

Money can’t buy happiness or take away loneliness. A home is just walls and a door until it is filled with people and love is issued. A home will never tell you how much you are loved or take care of you when you are sick.  A job is a means to an end. We need money to operate in the system we live in. What happens when the money system is done away with ?  A car is a tool to get you to  places, but if your car never got you to the place you needed to be; it is not the cars fault it is the driver’s fault. Many of us are guilty of having to be in control of the wheel of our lives instead of allowing  God to hold the wheel.   A great credit score is needed to place someone in greater debt at a lower interest rate. Kind of makes it sound like you are getting a good deal, but debt is debt…

A home can become a prison to those who don’t operate under God’s rule. See, the second man’s rule is followed is the second all the rules begin changing. (What is right becomes wrong, wrong becomes right. Good becomes evil and evil becomes good. Love becomes hate and hate turns to resentment. Resentment leads to arguing, then belittling, then to accusations. Next thing you know accusations become your truths and your truths become lies.) The only legacy that comes from this is that your life somehow allowed an opening to the devil and his fallen angels to rule your home under the rules of deceit.  John 10:10 Warned us about the one who was out to steal, kill and destroy . Many have been deceived thinking they were living right when there was so much more they could have done then what they actually did.  It took constant floods of doubt sent straight from the devil himself to get people off track and believe they were on track right.  He used people around them to reinforce upset.  Each time they fell for the lies of deceit  they became more rebellious, more stubborn, and more determined to work harder for a better life and one that was fulfilling. This only threw them deeper in the dark prison they were already in and left them more lonely than they already were.

Many of God’s people are physically alive here on earth but are spiritually dead.  The spiritual warfare attacks down in the physical realm where we all reside has defeated many of God’s people. This explains why prayers are not answered. (We are to never quench the  holy spirit but that is what we unknowingly do when we are consumed by the constant upset around us.) We fail to see it is the attacks from the spiritual realm that cause the struggles in the physical realm we live in.   Yet, we point the finger of blame at all those around us as they are the cause in our thinking due to words issued, mistreatment and how we felt in their presence. (These people have no idea the devil used them to reinforce a  message to you. Let me tell you something, we are all guilty of doing the devil’s dirty work. He was the shot caller and we took the bait left to ensnare us.  Every time we snapped in anger, gave a dirty look, cold shoulder, ignored, or went a different direction we were doing the devil’s dirty work and didn’t even know it.  So if you are going to hold ill feelings against what someone did to you ; you best be taking a good look at what you did to them.)

You are reading this which means you have time to correct where you have wronged others. Many of you reading may be affected by this post but not enough to reverse damage done…Pride will stop you just as it has in the past… James 4:6 reminds us that God opposes the proud. Why not take a leap of faith after some serious repenting and stop pride from ruining the rest of your life here. Life is simple but we are the ones who complicate it when we step outside of the boundaries God set for us.  The devil enjoys laughing each time we react off of the emotions we feel at the moment and those emotions are strongest when outside the barriers of God’s protection.

A family who operates under the rules of God is a  family with no conditions on what they are willing to do to help each person reach their full potential for the Lord. They work together, not against each other.     Men, God gave you the responsibility and the authority to oversee, love and lead your family. Take back what the devil is determined to destroy. Women we were to respect our husbands and to care for the needs of our family and home. You may feel your husband does not deserve respect but sister that is not your judgement call to make;   it is a command to follow. You may feel unappreciated or walked on but your day of recognition will come at a time you least expect. Get on your knees and pray your family back together. Look to please God and watch how it changes how your husband responds to you. Get passionate about becoming a helpmate to your husband. God knew it was not good for him to be alone.  Ladies, let your words and demeanor remind your husband how blessed he is to have you.   Men, find a way to help your wife feel secure in your love, attention, affection, protection and commitment; by rededicating  your life and your family back over to God.  The devil holds no authority over Gods people but we are the one who unknowingly give him access… Close the door , keep it shut by holding a united front with each other and kicking all outside influence  far from your marriage.     Then and only then can God begin restoring your marriage, family,   finances , health and removing you from the prison of rebellion and stubbornness that prevents you  from living the abundant life we were promised… (Mathew 12:36/       Luke 6: 27-49/    John 10:10)


Robin Worgull      Author of The conflict Within  and The Right – Minded Woman