Month: July 2017

They both want control of you:

There is an invisible battle happening right now that you and I can’t see. (Just because we can not see it does not mean it is not happening; as it is and it is very real.)  The battle is invisible to us because it is fought in the spiritual realm. This is a realm our eyes can’t visibly see. The battle is between God and the devil. They both are fighting over control of you and I. (Keep in mind, God always is in control and already won the war; but the devil still seems to think he has a fighting chance to win.) This battle has been going on since the beginning of time and started over jealousy and greed on the devil’s part. He wanted God’s  power. You may be asking, why are they fighting for control over us? The answer is quite simple… God stands for truth and rightness while the devil deceives through lies and evil deeds. One loves you unconditionally while the other hates you more than you can imagine. To gain control of us, equips their army to grow in number and in strength. (They both are on a mission but two entirely different ones.)

God already won the war but the devil wants us to believe he is winning. He influences our thoughts in hopes our decisions go against God. He uses people around us to hurt us, disappoint us, mistreat us, deceive us and take advantage. He does this in hopes we find ourselves crushed in spirit and wallowing in despair. He sends arrows in the form of angry people our way to take our focus off of God and place all our focus on those who hold anger against us. ( Haven’t you ever thought, what did I do this time to upset them? I was trying to be loving and they called me hateful! I can’t win as they are always mad at me…. )  So most people shut down emotionally in order to not be harmed by the upset around them…. Unknowingly they begin issuing the same upset they were trying to avoid onto undeserving people around them. Instead of breaking the cycle it is only carried out further onto more and more people left to wonder the very same thing you did when people were upset and you couldn’t figure out why.

The devil will stop at no measure to get our eyes off God and onto his lies. If we believe the lies then God’s truth becomes out of reach. This means, the devil wants us to believe lies as truth and truth as lies. He sends people or things our way to tempt us into sinning against God. Why?  Because sin separates us from God because he can’t look on sin. (So thankful for forgiveness!!) See, the devil’s fate is already sealed and he will not go down without a huge fight. He is trying to take as many people down with him as he can as revenge against God. He entices people to self harm themselves either through promiscuous behavior, drugs, alcohol, cutting, or  keeping company with the crowd that is sure to keep harm coming in it’s direction. He sends thoughts of hate into the minds of people who have been abandoned, mistreated, left to raise themselves at a young age, or who come from sexually abusive relationships or homes.  He sends constant reminders so you never forget all the harm you have endured and the pain that went along with it. He sends dirty thoughts into the minds of those married in an attempt to divide husband and wife. He may go as far as to bring dirty material to your attention to look at  that instead of intimacy with your spouse. He may send an actual person to sweep you off your feet in an attempt to destroy your marriage.

He normally seeks children at a young age and floods their eyes, ears and minds with lies in hopes to damage them beyond measure before they reach adulthood. He allows them to witness abuse, drugs, abandonment, divorce and hostility to where when they mature they believe this is their only option.  They  continue the life they have only known to be. A life of upset, trauma,  and disappointments… Adults enduring this type of damage believe repair is not an option for them as they are too far gone and self destruct even further.

Do not think for one moment that God didn’t do enough to help you… Everything the devil sent your way, passed through the hand of God first. This means, the devil had to receive permission before attacking you. (now think about that for a moment…. Two Generals fighting a battle and one asks permission from the other before attacking his soldiers.)

God created us for fellowship and to enjoy us but he knew the battle was for control over us between him and the devil. The battle was fought in the spiritual realm but we felt it in the physical realm.

Our battles are not with people  addictions, or anything else in this world we live in. Yes, it appears that way but not all things are as they appear to be. Our battles are not with people or any of the things we blame our battles on; our battles were attacks sent as a means by the devil trying to gain control over us. The devil sent mistreatment, deceit, pain, sorrow, financial issues, marital issues, addictions, and angry or hurtful people to make sure our focus was on all that instead of on God. He was trying to control us through fear, desire, and upset… (Many of us were angry at people who were simply used as bait. Did they know they were doing the dirty work of the devil? I don’t believe they did.)

God on the other hand sent his people to remind us the battle has already been won. He sent armor we were to dress in for the spiritual battle going on around us up above.(Ephesians 6:13-17) He sent work our way, transportation, money, food, medicine, in the form of plants and food, left his living word as instructions on what to expect or not to expect. He left a line of communication to call on him at anytime. He promised he was with us and wouldn’t leave us.

If your life has been a round trip ticket to Hell and back then you were fought hard for. You were wanted by the master accuser who is out to steal kill and destroy, who speaks lies and lives by the sword of evil…He threw every tactic or strategy against you, threw you in the mud then left hung you out to dry! Let me ask you a question…. If the devil is as powerful as he wants us to believe he is then why did he have to ask God permission before attacking you?

For every temptation, lie, mistreatment, hurt word, or anything else the devil sent your way; you must understand God sent you an escape…   1 Corinthians 10:13   ” No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape that you may be able to endure it.”

I choose to live for God and him control me but that is not to say the devil won’t send strong emotions through different channels such as people or things to guide me away from God…  God  left us a reminder ….  Isaiah 41:13  “For I the Lord your God hold your right hand; it is I who say to you “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”


Robin Worgull     Author of The Conflict Within and The Right- Minded Woman

Winning may require losing:

Years ago my life was a mess. I held little understanding, was depressed, held anxiety and was overly angry. If I wasn’t being critical of those around me, I was in my room crying. If I wasn’t in my room crying I was overly loving seeking approval from those around me.  I had a couple friends that I kept around just to say I had friends but they were not nice in any way shape or form. I hated being out in public as I felt all eyes were on me tearing me down in one way or another. I held no self- esteem, whatsoever and I was known as being sickly and needy. When people know you to be a certain way they tend to treat you as they know what calms you best or helps the most. In my case, people felt it was best to think for me, to make my decisions and to tell me what I needed to do. I hated how I was and hated the treatment that came with it. I walked around thinking everyone thought I was stupid and therefore I began acting the part. It took some serious marriage issues to get my attention. God backed me in a corner I could not get out of on my own.  Then He sent a man my way who refused to hear me cry, complain, or blame anyone except myself for my actions.  (I had to learn to  real quick how to talk around him or he would quit talking to me…I couldn’t talk as I always had;  because I always complained and pushed blame. )  He taught me how God saw me and then taught me how to let go of my anger, pain and all the things I had held onto. I began seeing huge changes in myself and began feeling alive instead of dead inside. I finally was allowing God to change me within and I had no idea how hard the work would be;  but the change God did in me was reward enough. God sent a man to mentor me at the lowest point in my life  and there was no warning or indication beforehand. I was so desperate for help I went along with his mentoring even though I disagreed with the things he said about me.  God delivered me from my misery, restored my marriage, health and blessed in ways I could never imagine. For the first time in years I could say “I’m happy” and it be true. I won a second chance at life; but soon began losing things I placed too much value on.

See, when God rescued me I allowed him to change me within. Mark 8:34 reminds us to deny ourselves, pick up the cross and follow him; which is exactly what I did… I was no longer the sick, needy one I always had been which meant I didn’t require the same treatment I always received from those around me. I did not  need someone to speak for me or think for me  or hold my hand through life.   I was not looking for sympathy as I always had in the past.I no longer held the need to air my business to anyone except the Lord. I was strong in Christ, which gave confidence, and clarity to the thoughts held. I was able to discern which gave better understanding. My eyes were opened to truth all around me.

As Christians we are suppose to see through the eyes of Christ not the eyes of man. I finally was seeing through the eyes of Christ which were different lenses than the ones I  was used too. Whenever we see through different lenses; it makes it difficult for those around us to relate. (Not everyone looks through the same lenses.) Our ways, thoughts, speech and overall dealings in life differ from those around us; which makes us misunderstood or labeled as ” better than thou ” or “self righteous”.  (Can you say Ouch?)

There are some people in our lives who will never approve. It is not that they don’t want too; it is that they miss us for how they always knew us to be.  They want back the old us before God transformed us.  It may be that God has not changed them which makes it hard for them to accept us and the changes he made in us. Where they gave you approval in the past; in order to receive that same approval you must change back to how you use to be. My friend, that is too big of a price to pay for such superficial approval.  I see it as losing God’s approval to gain their’s. That’s not okay.

You may be dealing with people you care deeply for who refuse to accept or approve of the changes God made in you.  (They may always question the genuineness because they know you better than anyone.) They may not approve of your changes made to better serve the Lord either. ( They keep waiting for you to step out of line to address you on it because they see you living a fake life.)   God over time has used some pretty questionable people to do great things; so if he called you to do His work, you are not the first person ever questioned and you certainly won’t be the last. People will always resist what they don’t understand…

Many times we find people in our lives throw up walls made of pride. They use pride as a defense to keep people from seeing them as they truly are. They don’t want to be judged for their lifestyle or choices made. They throw a wall of pride up to prevent others from seeing them as they truly are. Sometimes we find out much later in life that those who gave approval while we were at our lowest point; may have been hiding behind our weakness so their weakness was never exposed.

To expect approval is to forget; people can’t offer what they don’t hold.   You may be expecting approval from someone who never received approval and has none to offer you. It isn’t that they don’t want too; it is that they don’t know how.

You can spend your life continuing to try to gain approval of those around you, but remember if you gain their approval you may lose God’s approval.    Secondly,  you can take the changes God made in you  and offer hope;  to someone that reminds you of how you use to be, before being rescued.  It takes one person willing to  be used by God to  make a lasting impression,  in the life of someone hurting. Will you deny yourself, pick up the cross and follow him as told in Mark 8:34?


Robin Worgull            Author of The Conflict Within and The Right- Minded Woman

Prison of Rebellion

We have God’s people using any and every excuse for why they are breaking God’s rules in their walk, talk, marriage, family, child rearing, health, and finances. They are sitting in prisons of their own rebellion and stubbornness while pointing the finger of blame at everyone but themselves. They forget when rules are broken , consequences must be paid.

The rules God left for us to follow were boundaries we as believers were to stay within. Limits placed on us for our protection but also guidance for right living.   Luke 6:46 “And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?”

To live outside the boundaries God told us to stay within, removes His hand of protection and blessings held that he wanted us to have. Consequences for not obeying begin being seen in our health, finances, relationships, marriages, family, our children and in all areas of our lives. Things that should have been strong or things needing restoration begin to crumble. When things begin to crumble the stress involved causes health issues. Then when health is hit so are the finances. Financial issues tend to cause marital issues. Anytime the marriage is suffering the children begin to rebel.   When God is not allowed to be the head of our home; we fail to recognize how quickly the family unit begins to fail as a whole.  It takes division in the family to finally take a look  at what God’s word tells us to do.   Luke 6:49 ” But he that heareth not, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built a house upon the earth; against which the stream did beat vehemently and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great.”

As we try to keep up with the pace of life we become consumed with life itself and become incompatible with others around us. Had we not taken our eyes off God and placed on the things around us;  we probably would not have become as enemies to those we love.  Had we tried harder to stay in the boundaries God set for us;  he would have sent correction when we lost footing.

We have  God’s people who think living right means to work, buy a home, car, hold good credit and stay out of trouble. Now, humor me for a moment by answering one question. Name one thing just listed, that leaves this earth with you when you pass… (I ask this because this life holds purpose for the eternal life not the physical life we live in.  A job , money, home, car, good credit and staying out of trouble made you comfortable in the physical realm but added nothing to the heavenly realm.) This means your time on earth may have been comfortable either physically or financially but how did it increase the number of people entering God’s Kingdom in the heavenly realm?  How did your credit score help someone find salvation? How did your car get used to help the Lord while living in his creation? Did your home get used for fellowship, bible studies, prayer partners, family gatherings, dinner for the hungry, or in any other way besides arguing with your spouse,  avoiding upset or correction with your children, yelling, belittling and all the other mean things the devil wanted to happen instead? Did staying out of trouble keep your marriage from failing, your children from rebelling and your heart right with God?   Probably not… Make no mistake, it is good to work, pay bills, have a door to walk through called home, and stay out of trouble; but these things add up to no value in the grand scheme of things. You are leaving this world one day and taking nothing with you. You leave much behind but what good is a home is if your family does not want to be in it?  What good is money,  a car, or the fact you stayed out of trouble to the ones you held opportunity to leave a lasting impact on their life but chose to be busy instead? If the only legacy you leave is material things and a taste of vinegar in your family’s mouth due to your demeanor; then your time on earth may have been misused…

Money can’t buy happiness or take away loneliness. A home is just walls and a door until it is filled with people and love is issued. A home will never tell you how much you are loved or take care of you when you are sick.  A job is a means to an end. We need money to operate in the system we live in. What happens when the money system is done away with ?  A car is a tool to get you to  places, but if your car never got you to the place you needed to be; it is not the cars fault it is the driver’s fault. Many of us are guilty of having to be in control of the wheel of our lives instead of allowing  God to hold the wheel.   A great credit score is needed to place someone in greater debt at a lower interest rate. Kind of makes it sound like you are getting a good deal, but debt is debt…

A home can become a prison to those who don’t operate under God’s rule. See, the second man’s rule is followed is the second all the rules begin changing. (What is right becomes wrong, wrong becomes right. Good becomes evil and evil becomes good. Love becomes hate and hate turns to resentment. Resentment leads to arguing, then belittling, then to accusations. Next thing you know accusations become your truths and your truths become lies.) The only legacy that comes from this is that your life somehow allowed an opening to the devil and his fallen angels to rule your home under the rules of deceit.  John 10:10 Warned us about the one who was out to steal, kill and destroy . Many have been deceived thinking they were living right when there was so much more they could have done then what they actually did.  It took constant floods of doubt sent straight from the devil himself to get people off track and believe they were on track right.  He used people around them to reinforce upset.  Each time they fell for the lies of deceit  they became more rebellious, more stubborn, and more determined to work harder for a better life and one that was fulfilling. This only threw them deeper in the dark prison they were already in and left them more lonely than they already were.

Many of God’s people are physically alive here on earth but are spiritually dead.  The spiritual warfare attacks down in the physical realm where we all reside has defeated many of God’s people. This explains why prayers are not answered. (We are to never quench the  holy spirit but that is what we unknowingly do when we are consumed by the constant upset around us.) We fail to see it is the attacks from the spiritual realm that cause the struggles in the physical realm we live in.   Yet, we point the finger of blame at all those around us as they are the cause in our thinking due to words issued, mistreatment and how we felt in their presence. (These people have no idea the devil used them to reinforce a  message to you. Let me tell you something, we are all guilty of doing the devil’s dirty work. He was the shot caller and we took the bait left to ensnare us.  Every time we snapped in anger, gave a dirty look, cold shoulder, ignored, or went a different direction we were doing the devil’s dirty work and didn’t even know it.  So if you are going to hold ill feelings against what someone did to you ; you best be taking a good look at what you did to them.)

You are reading this which means you have time to correct where you have wronged others. Many of you reading may be affected by this post but not enough to reverse damage done…Pride will stop you just as it has in the past… James 4:6 reminds us that God opposes the proud. Why not take a leap of faith after some serious repenting and stop pride from ruining the rest of your life here. Life is simple but we are the ones who complicate it when we step outside of the boundaries God set for us.  The devil enjoys laughing each time we react off of the emotions we feel at the moment and those emotions are strongest when outside the barriers of God’s protection.

A family who operates under the rules of God is a  family with no conditions on what they are willing to do to help each person reach their full potential for the Lord. They work together, not against each other.     Men, God gave you the responsibility and the authority to oversee, love and lead your family. Take back what the devil is determined to destroy. Women we were to respect our husbands and to care for the needs of our family and home. You may feel your husband does not deserve respect but sister that is not your judgement call to make;   it is a command to follow. You may feel unappreciated or walked on but your day of recognition will come at a time you least expect. Get on your knees and pray your family back together. Look to please God and watch how it changes how your husband responds to you. Get passionate about becoming a helpmate to your husband. God knew it was not good for him to be alone.  Ladies, let your words and demeanor remind your husband how blessed he is to have you.   Men, find a way to help your wife feel secure in your love, attention, affection, protection and commitment; by rededicating  your life and your family back over to God.  The devil holds no authority over Gods people but we are the one who unknowingly give him access… Close the door , keep it shut by holding a united front with each other and kicking all outside influence  far from your marriage.     Then and only then can God begin restoring your marriage, family,   finances , health and removing you from the prison of rebellion and stubbornness that prevents you  from living the abundant life we were promised… (Mathew 12:36/       Luke 6: 27-49/    John 10:10)


Robin Worgull      Author of The conflict Within  and The Right – Minded Woman

Who’s calling the shots?

Many of God’s people are making the mistake of thinking they are serving the Lord correctly,  but question why they are not getting answers to prayers. We can pray, read our Bibles, and walk upright without truly living for the Lord as he commanded. Many of God’s people make the mistake of claiming to live for him but are really living for themselves. They do what they want, when they want and if there is any time left over they may get around to spending time with him or may not.

Living for the Lord requires denying ourselves and taking up the cross to follow him as told in Mark 8:34-38.

To serve the Lord we must be willing to surrender all of us,  not just the parts that are convenient.  Our hearts must be 100 percent committed to him and his will over our own. That is not easy to do when we invest our hearts in those around us and give more to them than to the one who created us.

Our heads must be filled with the Word of God so our eyes can look upon things above instead of the upset around us. Our shoulders were intended to carry the weight of our heads not the weight of the world that many of us try to carry. We see a need in others and automatically pick up their needs as our own. Anytime we step in and try to fulfill the needs of others we just allowed them to place trust in us instead of God whom they needed to seek first. Our hearts were to be committed to God , yet we invest our hearts in people or things that are tangible. When they are no longer tangible we run back to God asking for help.

It was not enough to feed our stomachs as told in Mathew 4:4. “But he answered and said, it is not good for man to live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” ( We all make sure to eat each day and maintain fuel for our bodies but we don’t nourish our bodies with the Word of God as commanded.)

Our legs were intended to help us stand upright not remain in the fetal position in bed, crying our eyes out because life is unfair and someone mistreated us.  Coping skills are not found laying in bed crying all day having others ask how they can help…Yet, we have people in our lives who will place themselves in a room rehashing every conversation like a record player until they can make sense of “why things happened the way they did.” (There are some conversations that hold no logic. To make sense of something holding no logic makes no logical sense. In other words it is pointless and exhausting to walk away holding no more answers than when you began seeking sense of the conversation in the first place. You are simply spinning wheels; while not getting anywhere.)

Our feet where intended to walk in faith not in a sinful path. It is easy to walk in sin and sometimes it is fun but walking in faith means you have to walk even though you don’t know the outcome of where your feet will take you. It is a matter of trusting . When walking in sin you get to decide where your feet go, but when the consequences of that sinful walk catches up with you; who do you turn too? You turn to God begging for help and to clean the mess you made.

We want to call the shots in our lives. We want to be in control of how much money can be made, what kind of car or home we will be satisfied with. We seek entertainment and distractions to dull the severe pain our hearts feel when people close to us do us wrong. We self medicate through substance, alcohol , entertainment, people, sex or money. We can see everything wrong with everyone except ourselves;  and how dare the one brave enough point it out to us. When people don’t meet our standards of commitment, we break off our commitment to them. We dictate how our lives will be and who will be allowed around us.

That doesn’t sound like a happy life but rather a miserable,  lonely one.That is a life where people jump from one place to another looking for love, approval, satisfaction, contentment, serenity and fun but never  obtain it as they thought they would or could. That is a self seeking life where people are pushed away before they are given the opportunity to push us away .

I love  Mathew 28:18 the part where Jesus says, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”   ( He makes it known in this scripture that he’s in charge.)  He allowed me to think I was in charge for many years just so he could show me how wrong I was… I don’t wish that on anyone because during the times I thought I was in control I was shown how out of control I actually was.

To live a life for Christ is to lay our wants, plans, desires and needs aside to pick up his desires for us. Not many people are willing to do this because it comes at a price. The price of being disliked or misunderstood. Loosing people you once were close too that see you as ridiculous or judgmental of their walk. (Even if you are neither one of those.) The price of being laughed at, mocked or told to change or stay away. The price of having your friends or family speak poorly of you behind your back  because you refuse to take part in gossip or backbiting that is fun to them. You become as an outcast with those who claimed at one time to love you and support you. You could loose everything you worked hard for your whole life  if you choose to live a life for Christ.  Not everyone will understand you or your ways, this includes your spouse, children, family , friends, co- workers, neighbors etc. You will be questioned who gave you the authority to share Gods Word as well as be questioned on each and every thing you do that is work for the Lord. I’m thankful that in Isiah we are told that no weapon or tongue formed against us can prosper.  I’m also grateful that we don’t answer to man as he is not our judge even though at times he tries to be.

Many of you reading probably can’t understand how the reward is greater than the suffering. Our greatest reward in my humble opinion is the peace that passes all understanding. See, I don’t have to figure out my life because I allow God to be the shot caller. He is in control which means I don’t have to be . (Such a weight off my shoulders.)  Until I truly believed Gods Word, I lived a self seeking life constantly begging God to clean the messes I made. I was turning in circles of frustration daily.

God will not force himself on us. He gave us free will to decide if we wanted to be obedient or disobedient. If we surrender all of us and not just the few parts we have; and repent of all the wrong against him and commit ourselves to him 100%; he becomes the shot caller in our lives because we finally gave him back the authority he already held; that we tried to hold for him.

This is the same God who calmed the raging seas . He can calm your raging heart and calm the storms of your life. The same God who rose the dead to life can revive the dead spirit in you that was quenched. The same God who healed the sick and gave sight to the blind can repair your inner workings back to wholeness and open your eyes to truth. The same God who delivered his people to safety can deliver you back to where you belong instead of where you ended up… Your reward is greater than the suffering when you allow God to be the shot caller in your life…


Robin Worgull   (Author of The Conflict Within and The Right-Minded Woman)